Army Lays Groundwork For Rapid Troop Mobilization Along China Border

The 237 year-old CoE provides combat engineering support and maintains connectivity in key border regions.

The Army has decided to significantly ramp up road infrastructure along the Sino-India border and tasked its Corps of Engineers to vigorously work on it to ensure swift movement of troops whenever necessary.

According to media reports, the Corps of Engineers (CoE) has already initiated a series of steps including placing orders for latest versions of various mountain cutting and road laying machines and equipment besides procuring assault tracks for fast movement of troops. The Army headquarters has ordered over 1,000 dual track mine detectors to enhance Corps of Engineers’ mine detection capability and over 100 excavators with latest features are also being procured to lay operational track along mountainous regions in Northern sector.

Over 50 short span bridges and a sizeable number of assault tracks for quick movement are also being procured to increase their mobility as India and China share a 4,000-km-long border. The 237 year-old CoE provides key combat engineering support and maintains connectivity in key border regions for speedy movement of troops and artillery.

As per the plan, the Army engineers will initially lay roads in mountaineous terrains and if necessary, they will be further strengthened by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO). In 2005, the Border Road Organisation was asked to construct 73 roads in the strategically important regions along the Sino-India border but there has been huge delay in implementation of the project.


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