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  Terrorist challenge in South Asia needs an organised network to counter it
The issue of terrorism in South Asia is of course a most involved, complex and delicate matter. It is something on which many observers see fit to proclaim, despite few having any sort of detailed knowledge. It is furthermore an issue in relation to which it is easy to make massive generalisations, but this is without doubt a trap for the unwary analyst.

The miracle is that until 26/11 many Westerners outside of the security sphere were not really aware of the issue of terrorism in India. This may seem amazing, but before 2008, Kashmir was probably the only well-known problem. Prior to that, when attacks occurred in cities, they rarely, if ever, affected Western visitors and so did little to affect the country’s international reputation.

Even now, the Maoist movement is little known and greatly misunderstood by visitors; few people know or care about the issues in the Northeast; and many security experts have missed the activities of some elements of Sikh extremist groups.
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