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MBDA once again showcases its range of technology to Indian journalists


Schrobenhausen/Lostock: In the last week of October 2013, MBDA once again invited select journalists to visit its facilities. As the tradition has been for the last four years in which MBDA organised three such visits, this time also it took the journalists to places not visited before. The idea is threefold: one, it reinforces the essence of MBDA being a truly integrated European conglomerate, which has managed to smoothen national differences to pool in combined strengths; two, it showcases the range of technology at MBDA’s command; and three, it helps to put the focus on the current programmes.

On this visit, the focus was the German facilities. Nearly an hour’s drive from Munchen in German Bavaria was Schrobenhausen, the nuclei of MBDA’s Deustche facilities, surrounded by dense forests. Being the newest member of the MBDA family, the Germans are not as well integrated in the parent company as the French, Italian and the British are, yet, the process is in full swing.

The Schrobenhausen facility combines the entire process of the missile business of MBDA Germany, right from development to production and testing. Leading its portfolio of air defence, air dominance, army and the naval missiles, are weapons like Taurus KEPD 350, Meteor BVRAAM, Pars 3LR and Marte among others. However, from the Indian market perspective, the focus at Schrobenhausen was on Pars 3LR and Taurus KEPD.

But first a little note on Schrobenhausen which is unlike any weapon manufacturing facility that FORCE has seen. The location itself, and the drive to the location, put it at par with a secluded holiday destination, where one might think of retiring to, to get away from the maddening crowd. So removed it is from the population centres, that it has had to be self-sustaining for all its needs, be it energy, water or water disposal. To keep the spirits of the workers high, it has its own gymnasium within its premises as well as a well-supplied cafeteria. Yet another reminder that efficiency improves with better facilities.
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