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Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd) By Lt Gen. Vinod Bhatia (retd)

The Elephant Strikes Back (October 2016)
India’s surgical strikes on terrorist launchpads were the much needed response to Pakistan’s proxy war

Give them Arms (April 2016)
To avoid large number of soldier casualties, modernisation of infantry has to be the top priority of the government

Multiple Battlefronts (January 2016)
The government should not neglect the needs of the Indian Army

Horns of a Dilemma (November 2015)
India faces a tough choice, whether or not to join the OBOR

All Quiet on the LAC (September 2015)
The border between India and China has been mostly peaceful and tranquil

Arming the Army (August 2015)
The armed forces urgently need to modernise the weaponry

Hit Where it Hurts (July 2015)
The recent strikes against terrorists in Myanmar showed a paradigm shift in India’s national strategy

Road to Progress (June 2015)
India’s abject infrastructure in the border areas facing China is its biggest vulnerability

The Game Changer (April 2015)
Without losing any more time, government must sanction Special Operations Command

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