Talking Peace
 Confidence building measures between India and Pakistan

FORCE termed it the Zardari doctrine, and made it the cover story of the November 2008 issue. Within weeks of his appointment as the President of Pakistan on 9 September 2008, Asif Ali Zardari challenged his army by reversing his predecessor General Pervez Musharraf’s India policy. He made a number of incredible statements unheard of since 1990 when insurgency in Kashmir made the Pakistan Army believe that it held superior cards. Zardari spoke about a broad constructive bilateral engagement with India pivoted around trade and not the traditional Kashmir issue. His other verbal bouncers were that the Indo-US nuclear deal did not worry Pakistan; that India has never been a threat to Pakistan, the only threat to Pakistan was from homegrown terrorists; and he spoke about Mujahids operating as wolf-packs. In his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 25 September 2008 on the sidelines of the UN general assembly session, the joint statement reiterated that terrorists would not be allowed use of Pakistan soil (it was first mentioned in the 6 January 2004 joint statement by President Musharraf under US pressure).

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