Struggle at Every Step
FRAMED AS A TERRORIST One of the major worries for the human rights advocates in India is the country’s lack of resistance while institutionalising Islamophobia by the Hindutva brigades. The most glaring effect of such a rot in the system is evident through the abuse by police forces which has been targeting religious minorities for petty political gains. In this context, the book ‘Framed as a Terrorist’ by Mohammad Aamir Khan is a timely one. It is the first person narration of Khan who was kidnapped, tortured and framed by the police in 18 bomb blast cases in 1998. The book painstakingly details his 14-year struggle to prove his innocence until he was acquitted. Written along with the human rights lawyer Nandita Haksar, Khan tells his extraordinary story of perseverance and fight against the police brutality.

While the liberal media stood by the lawyers who were fighting for Khan during his struggle, no one has called for the reforms in the criminal justice system that has unfairly targeted the minorities and the socially backward people in India. This book will probably help the society introspect and call for these much needed reforms.

On a personal level, Khan also brings forth his struggle to survive and support his family after was released from the jail. He has now become a part of the community of activists fighting against discrimination in various spheres — religious minorities, prisoner’s rights, gender and queer rights movements.

My 14 Year Struggle to Prove my Innocence
Speaking Tiger, pages 234

— Mohammed Aamir Khan


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