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Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (retd) By Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (retd)

Choking the Choke Points (February 2017)
To counter Chinese dominance in the IOR, India should develop the Andaman Nicobar Command into a potent base

Revisiting Old Ties (October 2016)
Vietnam-India cooperation in defence and security is crucial in the new world order

Through the Looking Glass (October 2016)
A walk through the history of Indian Navy’s maritime air power

Swan Song (June 2016)
Indian Navy decommissions Sea Harrier VSTOL fighters

Cyber Specialists (April 2016)
Weapons of mass damage in the cyber domain can be easily controlled through proper systems

Fleeting Opportunity (December 2015)
India should assist Maldives in strengthening its democracy

Port of Call (December 2014)
With China’s control of Gwadar port, India should pursue a policy of bi-lateralism and multi-lateralism with IOR littorals

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