VAdm. Shekhar Sinha is Chief of Integrated Staff to Chairman
Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha took over as the Chief of Integrated Staff to Chairman (CISC) on 4 July 2011 nearly two months after it was his due. Commissioned into the Indian Navy in June 1974, he is the senior-most naval aviator, and the course-mate of his predecessor, Vice Admiral D.K. Joshi, who, tipped to be the next Chief of Naval Staff, had moved to head the Western Naval Command in May. Given his seniority and impeccable professional credentials, he should have occupied the CISC chair the day it was vacated. This did not happen because the naval headquarters sent a panel of three officers for CISC position side-stepping its senior-most able officer to the defence ministry. It was left to the latter to correct the wrong.
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