Algerian Naval Ship Ezzadjer visits Kochi
Algerian Naval Ship Ezzadjer visits Kochi Algerian Naval Ship (ANS) Ezzadjer, a corvette class of ship, visited Kochi from August 2 to 5. On August 2, Commander Chalabi Ahcene, Commanding Officer, ANS Ezzadjer accompanied by Captain Chouchane Mohamed EI-Mouldi, the ‘Mission Commander’, called on Rear Admiral RB Pandit, the Chief of Staff, Southern Naval Command. Various interactions between the ship and the Southern Naval Command happened during the visit.

Earlier, ANS Adhaffer and EL Fateh belonging to the same class of ships had visited Kochi for logistic support in September 2015 and February 2016 respectively. ANS Ezzadjer is enroute to Jeddah and depart Kochi on 5 August 16.

At Kochi, a friendly football match was played between Indian Navy and Algerian Navy team on 02 August. During their stay, the Algerian Navy personnel visited places of cultural interest in the city. The ship had a crew of 118 personnel.

Algerian Naval Ship Ezzadjer visits Kochi


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