Second Joint Tactical Exercise held by Indian and Chinese Army in Ladakh
Second Joint Tactical Exercise held by Indian and Chinese Army in Ladakh

As part of the ongoing initiative to enhance interaction and cooperation between India and China, under the provisions of Border Defence Cooperation Agreement, 2013, the Indian and Chinese armies held Second Joint Exercise ‘Sino India Cooperation 2016 on October 19. This was a sequel to the first Joint Exercise held on 6 February 2016 in the area of Border Personnel Meeting Hut at Chushul Garrison of Eastern Ladakh, along with Chinese troops of Moldo Garrison.

During the day-long exercise on Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR), an earthquake striking an Indian border village was simulated. Thereafter, joint teams carried out rescue operations and evacuation and provided medical assistance.

The Indian team was led by Brigadier RS Raman while the Chinese was led by senior Col. Fan Jun. The exercise was a great success; it has not only refined the drills to provide succour to the border population in case of natural calamity but has also increased the level of trust and cooperation between the two border guarding forces along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh.

The joint exercise compliments the Hand in Hand series of the India-China joint exercises and the effort of both the nations to enhance cooperation and maintain peace and tranquillity along the border areas of India and China.


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