Exercise Konkan 16
Konkan 16, the 2016 edition of the annual bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian Navy and the Royal Navy, was held from December 5-16 in Mumbai and Goa. Exercise Konkan, named after the Western coastal region of India, was institutionalised in 2004. Since then, the exercise hosted in rotation by both the navies, has grown in complexity, scale and intensity.

The exercise was conducted in two phases in Mumbai and Goa. The first phase was held from December 5-9, was a Command Planning exercise involving the two navies, where planners from both sides undertook planning for combined maritime operations. The second phase was Live Exercise (LIVEX), held from December 12-16 at Goa, which involved interaction between the Indian Navy Marine Commandos (MARCOs) and the Royal Marines. Both phases involved sharing of best practices and lessons learnt from recent operations, especially in the field of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) and Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO).

Konkan 16 was an important chapter in the maritime interactions under the aegis of Konkan series as it will familiarise both forces with each other’s planning processes and further enhance synergy and inter-operability. In addition, participation of IN Marcos and Royal Marines added another dimension to this exercise and provided valuable opportunity for both navies to interact and cooperate in the field of maritime security operations.

Successive editions of Konkan have built on past experiences, and have enhanced operational inter-operability between the two navies. This cooperation between the two navies is a positive and tangible symbol of commitment in ensuring a positive climate for maritime security and economic development. The current edition would further strengthen the existing bonds of friendship between India and the United Kingdom, and enhance India’s capability to work together to contribute towards maritime security in the global commons.


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