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Sea Strike
Plans are afoot for the Indian Navy to induct a variety of potent anti-ship weapons in this decade

By Atul Chandra

Plans are afoot for the Indian Navy to induct a variety of potent anti-ship weapons in this decade

Over the course of this decade, the Indian Navy would have inducted a range of new generation anti-ship missiles which will offer substantially greater engagement ranges, improved warheads and appreciably greater target acquisition and detection capability.

Modern warships being produced at Indian shipyards today have far greater target detection ranges than ever before. This fact, coupled with their shipborne anti-ship missiles and those carried on board the MiG-29K and Boeing P-8I, would mean that the adversary can expect to be hit hard and at a considerable distance away from causing harm to Indian naval ships. Apart from this, the Scorpene submarine with MBDA Exocet AM39 missiles will present a potent threat to sea-going assets of the enemy.

The navy had already set into motion the process to acquire a number of medium range anti-ship missiles to be installed aboard its current fleet of ships and future types. The crown jewel amongst the navy’s anti-ship missiles is the supersonic (Mach 3 capable) Brahmos cruise missile. Equipping a number of warships, the Brahmos is the prime strike weapon on the Project 1135.6 guided missile frigates (Talwar Class). The supersonic cruise missile was successfully flight tested from INS Kolkata, the lead ship of the indigenously developed Project 15 A Class Destroyers, the follow-on ships will be INS Kochi and INS Chennai respectively. The 7,000 tonne warship can carry 16 Brahmos missiles under its deck which are fired through a Universal Vertical Launch Module (ULVM).

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