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 At various Indo-Pak meetings, Siachen and Sir Creek disputes have been the main focus

There are a number of ongoing dialogues with Pakistan on Confidence Building Measure (CBM), related to nuclear and conventional aspects at the Track II level. In this the military-to-military CBM dialogue between India and Pakistan has been a continuous process over the years, with the participation of experts on both sides consisting of retired senior officials, diplomats, military officers and journalists.

The latest meeting of this group was held at Lahore from 23–25 September 2012. This project has had two earlier meetings in Dubai from 20–21 November 2011 and Bangkok from 23–25 February 2012. Additionally, smaller working group meetings were held in Chiang Mai on 21 March 2012 and Pao Alto on 30–31 July 2012.

There were a number of issues discussed during these meetings including the existing CBMs and their status, but the focus was mainly on the two important issues of Siachen and Sir Creek disputes. While a stalemate continues on the Sir Creek issue, significant progress was made on Siachen at Bangkok and finally a consensus agreement was reached at Lahore.

  Siachen glacier and Zone of Conflict

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