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  By Pravin Sawhney
Modi Meets Trump (July 2017)
India should review its relationship with the US on the lines of NSSP
Two’s a Company (May 2017)
Between India and Pakistan, there is no room for a third party
No Child’s Play (April 2017)
Talking casually about nuclear weapons is both irresponsible and dangerous
The Big Picture in the East (March 2017)
Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the OBOR Summit can only have positive spin-offs
Sea, the Challenge (February 2017)
The second edition of Raisina Dialogue created space for the Indian perspective
Dangerous Game (January 2017)
By even talking about Agni-6, India may start a race it cannot win
Change in Guard (December 2016)
Agreeing to unconditional talks with Pakistan will be in India’s interest
Reality Check (September 2016)
Opening multiple fronts exposes India to grave danger
Diffident Dialogue (April 2016)
At its own party, India found itself alone and defensive
Slogans Are Not Enough (December 2015)
India needs a cogent plan to tackle China at various levels
China’s Military Diplomacy (October 2015)
With the 6th Xiangshan Forum, Beijing reaches out to the Asian countries
Folklore, Not Fact (September 2015)
Instead of a great victory, 1965 war should be remembered for lessons not learnt
Return to the Core (August 2015)
Back to basics should be the Indian Army’s mantra now
Face the Reality (July 2015)
Time India accepts that the Kargil conflict was an aberration and resulted in a pyrrhic victory
Ambitious Over-Reach (June 2015)
India’s new policy of being a global player is simply unrealistic
Common Interests (May 2015)
India needs to invest in strategic ties with the US for its own good
Sleeping With the Enemy (April 2015)
Allowing Chinese military officers at our military academies would have serious ramifications
Horse Before the Cart (March 2015)
Only a strategic defence review will put the needs of the military in perspective
Friends, Not Partners (February 2015)
India needs to sign the long-pending bilateral agreements with the US
No Line of Defence (January 2015)
Will the forthcoming visit of the PM to China change the ground reality in Indo-China relations?
The Old Fallacy (December 2014)
Ram Madhav’s book on Indo-China relations fails to provide a viable national security roadmap
The Horse Before the Cart (November 2014)
The government’s approach to national security is high on show, low on substance
Advantage China (October 2014)
Psychological victory means much more to the Chinese than military gains
Misplaced Bravado (September 2014)
PM Narendra Modi should uphold the spirit of the Simla agreement for better Indo-Pak ties
Mind Your Own Business (August 2014)
The army must focus on its primary task
Balance of Powers (July 2014)
The ratification of AP is a win-win deal for India in the long run
A Window Has Opened (June 2014)
The new government has a chance to strengthen ties with both Pakistan and Afghanistan
Prime Minister’s Men (May 2014)
The government must hand-pick service chiefs, instead of opting for the senior-most officer
No Party Politics (April 2014)
National security should be a bipartisan issue
The Lost Years (March 2014)
Defence minister A.K. Antony never took ownership of his work
Ambiguous Ambitions (February 2014)
By redefining India’s minimum deterrence, the government is going down a dangerous spiral
Highs and Lows (January 2014)
What prompted PM Manmohan Singh to sign the India-US civil nuclear deal which he calls a high point of his career?
General Talk (December 2013)
Pakistan’s new COAS Gen. Raheel Sharif will have the last word on bilateral relations
Smart Move (November 2013)
The Border Defence Cooperation agreement is a win-win for China than India
Moving Forward (October 2013)
The agreement on India-Pakistan DGMOs meeting is a breakthrough
Lessons in Leadership (September 2013)
General Stanley McChrystal’s memoirs My Share of the Task is a must read for those interested in security and defence
Pleasing China (July 2013)
Beijing has successfully tested coercive diplomacy against India
Aimless Arming (June 2013)
Modernisation is not defence minister’s only job
Too Much at Stake (May 2013)
India should not kowtow to China
Neighbour’s Interest (April 2013)
China’s desire for enhanced bilateral military cooperation should be taken seriously
Hanging by a Thread (March 2013)
Afzal Guru’s execution has rendered Indian national security more vulnerable
The Big Deal (February 2013)
Even one step by each stake-holder will make a big difference
2013 Wish List (January 2013)
Even one step by each stake-holder will make a big difference
Dragon Moves (December 2012)
With growing Chinese belligerence, India should reassess its relations with the US
Domestic Disorder (November 2012)
It’s time the army accepted the need for transparency and restored human dignity in its ranks
The Strategist (October 2012)
Brajesh Mishra made national security a government priority
Officer-Like-Qualities (September 2012)
The Indian Army is its own worst enemy
Learning Wrong Lessons (August 2012)
Longer the army remains enmeshed in CI ops, faster it’ll lose its conventional edge
Long Road Ahead (July 2012)
General Bikram Singh should take the middle path
Military-Politico Disconnect (June 2012)
Let’s start by educating our MPs on defence matters
Kargil Legacy (May 2012)
Even as India evicted the intruders, Pakistan Army had the last laugh
Coup That Never Was (April 2012)
The fantastical story that has set back defence reforms
Whose Honour is It? (March 2012)
General Bikram Singh will need a lot of help from the government
Self Service (January 2012)
There is no honour at the cost of the institution
War and Peace (December 2011)
India and Pakistan need to pursue realistic confidence building measures which help contain crisis
Clash of Interests (November 2011)
The army has no case for continuation of AFSPA in J&K
Kabul Express (October 2011)
The road to Afghanistan runs not just through Pakistan
Age No Bar (September 2011)
Gen. V.K. Singh should ensure that he is remembered for things other than his age
A Case for CDS (August 2011)
The government needs to push for this for its own sake
Monsoon Musings (July 2011)
Foreign policy without credible military capabilities is baloney
Bluff Masters (June 2011)
Pakistan’s nuclear spectre is a bargaining chip
Red Wall (May 2011)
Chinese presence in POK further limits India’s options in Kashmir
More of the Same (March 2011)
Instead of bureaucratic parleys, India should talk to the Pakistan Army
February 2011
Fears and Failings (January 2011)
Two thoughts to reflect
Matter of Honour (November 2010)
The malaise has penetrated so deep that it is difficult to discern the fair from the unfair at times
Afghan Chessboard (October 2010)
Instead of waiting and watching, India has to start making its moves
Musings on 7th Anniversary (August 2010)
India’s Wild West (July 2010)
Time for President Obama to put Pakistan Army Chief on notice on bin Laden
Another Visit, Another Compromise (June 2010)
President Pratibha Patil plays into Chinese hands
Will Peace End? (May 2010)
Indian Army is bracing for actively violent summer on the Line of Control
All Eyes on the Chief (April 2010)
General V.K. Singh has onerous tasks ahead
The Lost Plots (March 2010)
Diplomacy Without Tangible Military Muscle is nothing more than appeasement
National (in)Security Grows (February 2010)
Government should appoint a military officer as deputy National Security Advisor
Fair Game (January 2010)
Merit alone should decide MMRCA, not political concerns
Ring in the New (December 2009)
India needs a fresh approach towards national security
Kayani Holds the Key (November 2009)
Peace with Pakistan can only be achieved through its army
Three Headline Makers (October 2009)
The government unnecessarily plays up action against the Naxals
Spectre of the Stone Age (September 2009)
US needs to pressurise Pak Army to seriously act against the terrorists
Old Technology, New Hype (August 2009)
India needs to put its nuclear-powered submarine in perspective
Wasting a Force (July 2009)
In the fight against Maoists, the CRPF should have a greater say
Rhetoric is not Security (June 2009)
Let soldiers be above politics and religion
Major Years (May 2009)
The air force chief leaves behind a rich legacy
Times have Changed (April 2009)
Army needs to be more transparent and cooperative in J&K
Kayani’s Hand (March 2009)
US’ Af-Pak review will adversely impact India
Threats Within (February 2009)
India should watch out for more 26/11 attacks
New Beginning (January 2009)
Give CRPF a chance to prove itself as a counter-insurgency force
Go Ballistic with Zardari (December 2008)
Even as nuclear weapons remain a grey area
Buddies not Servants (November 2008)
While Sahayaks are integral to the service, only army can avoid their misuse
Sound of Silence (October 2008)
Government should not ignore the demands of the military
Such a Long Journey (September 2008)
As details of the Indo-US nuclear deal appear, so does the devil
All the President’s Men (August 2008)
The ISI is part of the Pakistan Army and cannot be undermined
The Nuclear Trap (July 2008)
From CTBT, the focus has now shifted to FMCT
Unity in Uniform (June 2008)
Unless that happens, the bureaucrats will continue to bypass the Services
2008 Olympics is the Deadline (May 2008)
China will make India pay for its neglect
Army on the Back Foot (April 2008)
China believes in setting its own agenda
In Defence of Musharraf (March 2008)
He remains a key player who knows the Pakistan Army
A Matter of Priorities (February 2008)
India needs ballistic missile more than anti-ballistic missile system
Chinese Whispers (January 2008)
Partnership of Equals (December 2007)
Nuclear deal or not, India should forge closer military ties with the US
Downplaying Intrusion (November 2007)
Government strangely downplays unabated Chinese intrusions into India
Misplaced Scepticism (October 2007)
Media and politicians doubts about joint military exercises are unwarranted
No Longer a Debate (September 2007)
CDS will be a strategic and not a military advisor
Difficult Choices (July 2007)
India needs to be careful about it military ties with Beijing
Checking China (June 2007)
India needs to be careful about it military ties with Beijing
Holes in Indian Airspace (April 2007)
Terrorist threat from the air is a real danger
Half Steps (March 2007)
CDS and Aerospace Command are a must for modernisation
End the Status Quo (February 2007)
Continuity may be good, but it is not in national interest
Battle is Won, the War Continues (January 2007)
Despite success against terrorism, media remains a challenge
Rise and Rise (December 2006)
As Musharraf becomes more powerful, India’s options get limited
Man of Honour (November 2006)
There are high expectations from A.K. Antony
Musharraf’s Volleys (October 2006)
Once again India responds with a knee-jerk reaction
Jaswant’s Bluster (September 2006)
On Operation Parakram, Singh has been stingy with truth
Gender Bender (July 2006)
The issue of women in the army should not be reduced to mere rhetoric
New Initiative (June 2006)
In the shadow of the Indo-US agreement, China tries to engage India
Pay-Back Time (May 2006)
India needs to balance its vision with both a clear policy and capability
Playing Games (April 2006)
Pakistan tries to extract benefits from the Indo-US agreement
Leave the Army Alone (March 2006)
Religious headcount can lead to dangerous conseqeunces
Seek and Hide (February 2006)
With drift and undue secrecy India’s strategic credibility remains in a limbo
Dirty Games (January 2006)
India should not comment on Pakistan’s internal matters
Stillborn Agreement (December 2005)
The US is asking India much more than it is giving in return
Peace at Stake (November 2005)
The terrorist attacks in Delhi were in response to change of government in J&K
Devil and Deep Sea (October 2005)
By voting against Iran, India has lowered its geo-strategic stature
Banquo’s Ghost (September 2005)
Musharraf weighs down Indian moves in Afghanistan
Unhindered friendship (August 2005)
Despite 7/7, Musharraf remains close to the United States
Blinded by Love (July 2005)
For better relations with the US, India is compromising on its interests
Castles in Air (May 2005)
The Standing Committee on Defence report exposes the fog of bureaucratic thinking
Sound and Fury (April 2005)
Once again India is ready to sacrifice substance for show
The Answer Lies in BrahMose (March 2005)
While India should remain engaged with US, it should forge deeper defence ties with Russia
Security at Stake (February 2005)
Will the NSA finally do his own job?
Out of the Bush (October 2004)
For a meaningful relationship, India should not hitch its security concerns on the US bandwagon
Step by Step (September 2004)
The ceasefire in Kashmir will hold until Gen. Musharraf is done with Afghanistan
Nuke of the Matter (July 2004)
India, Pakistan successfully cross the first hurdle

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