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  • Seaward Ho - December 2016
    INS Chennai is a milestone, but ship-building industry has miles to go before it can pat itself
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • AUSS You Like It - December 2016
    Unmanned underwater vehicles gain popularity in naval warfare
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Towards Self-Reliance - November 2016
    The government is in the process of finalising a strategic partner for P-75(I) programme
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Long Term Ties - May 2016
    As INS Kalvari undergoes sea trials, DCNS works out a maintenance model for the navy
    A FORCE Report



  • Designs on the Future - December 2014
    The strengths and limitations of building a home-grown navy
    By RAdm. N.P. Gupta (retd)


  • Relook at Safety - December 2014
    The sinking of the TRV-A72 has raised the need for urgent modernisation of the navy
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Fleet Airpower - December 2014
    The Indian Navy is acquiring a broad range of capabilities for its naval air arm
    By Atul Chandra


  • Eyes on the Future - October 2014
    Pipavav Shipyard has an expansive warship-building capability
    By Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab


  • Sea Strike - July 2014
    Plans are afoot for the Indian Navy to induct a variety of potent anti-ship weapons in this decade
    By Atul Chandra


  • Sea is Home - December 2013
    INS Vikramaditya finally sets sail for the Indian shores
    By Vladimir ‘Vovick’ Karnozov


  • Big and Beautiful - December 2013
    The 44,500 tonne INS Vikramaditya is the largest ship to be operated by the Navy
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • A Long Road Ahead - September 2013
    India launches its first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Power Under Water - September 2013
    Indigenously-Built Arihant Nuclear Submarine Activated
    By Dilip Kumar Mekala


  • Sailing With the Tide - December 2012
    India must revamp its shipbuilding industry to regain its position as a maritime power
    By Vice Admiral Anup Singh (retd)


  • Maiden Flight - May 2012
    LCA Navy NP-1 aircraft makes history with successful maiden flight
    By Atul Chandra




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