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Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd) By Maj. Gen. Mrinal Suman (retd)

Coming of Age (March 2017)
DRDO takes baby steps towards adulthood and higher challenges

Shroud of Secrecy (February 2017)
It’s an open secret that defence procurements have become opportunities for corrupt gains

Amateur and Unscientific (January 2017)
Commercial negotiations in defence procurement procedure suffer due to lack of professionalism

An Average Performance (December 2016)
A mid-term appraisal of defence reforms

Iron Grip (November 2016)
Tibet continues to languish under the Chinese occupation

Mutually Beneficial (September 2016)
Indo-Soviet defence co-operation should take into consideration the changed world order and adjust accordingly

The C3 Formula (August 2016)
Teeth-to-tail ratio is a flawed concept without any scientific base

In the Right Direction (July 2016)
The new defence FDI policy is in sync with ‘Make in India’

Women in Combat (July 2016)
India would do well to learn from the ground realities in the US and Israel armed forces before opening its doors completely

When Policies Work (June 2016)
A reality check of ‘Make in India’ and defence production

From India, For India (May 2016)
‘Make in India’ can be possible if the indigenous content route is adopted

Economics of Defence (April 2016)
Poor financial management is costing the defence ministry dear

Basics are Important (March 2016)
The expert committee constituted post Kargil War failed to recommend reforms in procurement structures

Make in India (February 2016)
Defence Procurement Policy 2016 puts money where the mouth is

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