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AVM Manmohan Bahadur (retd) By AVM Manmohan Bahadur (retd)

Add to the Punch (February 2017)
Force multipliers for the IAF are a necessity that the government can no longer drag its feet on

Nation’s Lifeline (October 2016)
A review of IAF’s rotary wing fleet

More than Friends (September 2016)
India-Russia need to relook their defence cooperation to sustain the historic relationship

Power of an Air Show (August 2016)
A single air show speaks of the synergy in the aviation environment of a country

Defence Bonhomie (July 2016)
Mutual interdependency is the key to long-lasting Indo-US ties

The Road Ahead (October 2015)
Multiple challenges continue to face the IAF, particularly its fighter fleet

Arms and the Monies (May 2015)
The Services have an urgent need for equipment but the allocated budget for new purchases is not sufficient

Down, But Not Out (March 2015)
IAF’s fighter fleet over the next two decades

Invisible Cogs (February 2015)
IAF force multipliers of the unglamorous kind are equally important for the smooth functioning of the armed forces

The Dragon’s Fangs (January 2015)
China showcased its best at the 10th Zhuhai Air Show 2014

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