Line of Fire
India’s reaction to the LC violations do not behove a mature nation


Did India respond appropriately to Pakistan Army’s recent ceasefire violations on Line of Control (LC) or should it have done something more or different, is the question at the heart of both bilateral relations between India and Pakistan and India’s possible foothold in Afghanistan after 2014.

Start with the recent killing of five soldiers on the LC in Poonch by Pakistani troops. This was preceded by beheading of a soldier in the same area and followed by regular ceasefire violations along the entire LC. When the soldiers were brutally murdered, the Parliament was in session. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Bikram Singh, reportedly air-dashed to Poonch to get the first-hand account. A court of inquiry into the incident was ordered. Preliminary investigation suggested that the killed soldiers who were on night patrol had fallen asleep. Meanwhile, the defence minister, A.K. Antony, first obfuscated the matter in Parliament but then was forced to accept that the Pakistan Army was behind the dastardly act. The opposition parties led by BJP pressed the government to explain why talks with the newly-installed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif planned for September on the side-lines of UN Security Council session in New York should be held under these circumstances. The government under pressure finally announced that summit level talks with Pakistan are off the table. During the unfolding of the above narrative, the media went hysterical with high decibel breast-beating.
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