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Cmde Lalit Kapur (retd) By Cmde Lalit Kapur (retd)

Future Looms (December 2016)
How equipped is the Indian Navy to secure the country’s coastline

Ocean of Opportunities (November 2016)
India’s centrality in the IOR can help it take the role of a capable leader

Proven Links (September 2016)
Naval cooperation between Russia and India will remain strong so long as India retains its large legacy of Russian origin equipment

Maritime Woes (August 2016)
The Indian Navy’s share of the budget has been declining and is bound to impact naval upgradation

Think it Through (July 2016)
Special Forces’ Command may be required, but not without a long-term perspective

Tech Savvy (April 2016)
The Indian Navy should choose from a wide array of options for advanced technologies now available in the market

Global Flashpoint (February 2016)
India would do well not to take sides of either the US or China in the South China Sea dispute

Time for a Fitting Riposte (January 2016)
India has to diplomatically handle China’s aggressive expansion plans

Maritime Terror (January 2016)
The threats are real, even if they don’t strike us immediately

No Place is Too Far (December 2015)
A strong navy is a prerequisite for a secure nation

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum (November 2015)
How prepared is India to tackle piracy on high seas, a major threat to maritime security

Beyond Beach Landing (September 2015)
India’s amphibious capability needs to be more effective

Of Strategies and Stratagems (July 2015)
China’s military strategy was made public at the recent Asia Security Summit

Silent Attacker (June 2015)
India urgently needs an indigenous mine warfare doctrine

Chasing Sub Surface Dominance (May 2015)
The Indian Navy’s quest for underwater capability

A Vital Strategic Asset (April 2015)
Politicians and armed forces officials should not abandon the Carrier Battle Group

Time to Deliver (March 2015)
It’s crucial to revitalise indigenous defence industry

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? (February 2015)
Security of offshore assets is a vital aspect of India’s growth

Passing the Buck (December 2014)
Was Admiral D.K. Joshi a convenient scapegoat post the tragedy on INS Sindhuratna?

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