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Kanwal Sibal By Kanwal Sibal

French Embrace (February 2016)
It is in India’s interest to improve its ties with France to strengthen the strategic relationship

Kremlin Connect (January 2016)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Russia puts all doubts to rest about a cooling of the bilateral relationship

Right at the Centre (August 2015)
India has made a diplomatic entry into Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Bold, But Half Moves (June 2015)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China could change the dynamics in bilateral ties

Smart Moves (March 2015)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces the challenge to tactfully manage strategic relations with both US and China without upsetting either

Not Same As Before (September 2013)
Defence continues to be the centrepiece of India-Russia relations

Great Wall of Discontent (August 2013)
Indo-China relationship remains mired in suspicion, mistrust and public nervousness

Going Great Guns (August 2013)
Indo-US ties have seen dramatic change in the last decade, leading to greater trust between the two

Trust Deficit (August 2013)
The last decade has not ironed out the differences between India and Pakistan despite a growth in trade

Importance of India (March 2013)
Both French President and British Prime Minister want to invest in India relationship

Tracking Talks (September 2012)
India continues to fumble in its engagement with Pakistan

String of Pearls or a Garrotte? (August 2012)
While China skilfully plays Wei Qi, India seems to be playing noughts and crosses

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