It’s Elementary
A lot is not right with the army and the leadership needs to identify the actual basics to rectify the problems

Observing Vijay Diwas at the Kargil war memorial
Observing Vijay Diwas at the Kargil war memorial

When the chief of army staff, General Bikram Singh assumed office in May last year amidst uncertainty and rising allegations of financial, disciplinary and moral impropriety within the service, he gave the call for ‘Back to Basics’. Taking a cue from the chief, the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) has adopted this as its theme for the annual 2013-2014 journal, a tacit acknowledgement that the army has lost its moorings. Surely there are officers who understand that all is not well with the service and the drift, if not corrected, will have serious consequences.

More and more officers are seeking redress in courts and armed forces tribunals, soldiers are thrashing up their own officers, there are fake killings, senior officers are looting rations of their men, cronyism and parochialism is on the rise, and to sum it all, the previous chief of army staff wrote to the Prime Minister that the army is not fit for war. Before more command breakdowns happen, it is time for the army to introspect.
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