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Rafael Unveils 5th Gen SPIKE LR II at the Paris Air Show

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd. unveiled SPIKE LR II, a new 5th generation variant of the SPIKE Family that can be fired from vehicles, helicopters, ships, and ground launchers. The new missile was presented for the first time at the Paris Air Show in June. Rafael has supplied over 27,000 SPIKE missiles and systems to over 26 countries.

Rafael Unveils 5th Gen SPIKE LR II at the Paris Air Show SPIKE LR II is an advanced multipurpose missile, weighing only 12.7 kg, designed for modern warfare with almost full commonality to the SPIKE Missile legacy and can be launched from any SPIKE Launcher.

For increased lethality, SPIKE LR II includes two unique state-of-the-art advanced and highly capable Tandem HEAT warhead configuration, enhancing armour penetration capability by more than 30 per cent and a new multipurpose blast warhead which includes controlled fusing (by the gunner) for control of the desired effect.

SPIKE LR II has a range of 5.5 km when fired from ground launchers (an increase of more than 35 per cent above the 4 km range of the original SPIKE LR) and up to 10 km when fired from a helicopter (using alternative option of RF Data link).

The SPIKE LR II has a modern electro-optical seeker which includes a high quality un-cooled IR sensor and an advanced high definition colour day sensor. The new seeker includes capabilities of a smart target tracker with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features.

Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division stated that the new missile addresses the complex challenges of the modern battlefield. “The development of the SPIKE LR II is based on Rafael’s vast experience in the development of a wide variety of missiles over the years, and was largely possible due to Rafael’s close cooperation with the users at the IDF and other militaries around the world.”

Elbit Systems Showcased SkEye WAPS and SkyStriker at Paris Air Show

At the Paris Air Show, held from June 19-25, Elbit Systems presented a range of new, innovative and synergetic systems, creating force multipliers by enhancing terrain dominance, enabling effective flow of information across echelons and providing superior battle perception.

Elbit Systems Showcased SkEye WAPS and SkyStriker at Paris Air Show Elbit Systems’ Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) team performed demonstration of the paradigm changing SkEye WAPS system (SkEye) - an airborne Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) system. Developed specifically to address emerging requirements of defence and law enforcement forces to improve operational responses to military challenges, terrorism and homeland security threats, SkEye comprises advanced capabilities in the field of imagery intelligence gathering and provides a complete high-resolution picture and large Field-of-View (FOV) to a large number of users.

Installed on-board different types of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and light aircraft, SkEye is already operational, contributing to defence and HLS missions.

Publicly showcased for the first time, SkyStriker is a fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) system capable of long-range precise tactical strikes. Sky-Striker improves situational awareness and survivability by providing direct-fire aerial precision capabilities to manoeuvring troops and special forces. A cost effective mobile platform, SkyStriker offers quick deployment and ease of operation in the field, providing forces with the ability to observe and identify enemy targets before delivering a rapid precision airstrike. Its remote operation capability allows operators to remain unexposed to detection or enemy fire while guiding the LM to its target.

Also showcased was SupervisIR a ground-based 24/ 7 infrared WAPS system, SupervisIR offers greater search-area coverage, an easy user interface and pixel perfect visualization of multiple regions of interest. Meeting a full range of ISTAR requirements, the system is highly effective at detecting, tracking, and displaying visual motion imagery of moving air, ground and sea targets, making it ideally suited for border patrol, perimeter security, surveillance and counter-surveillance operations. The system provides infrared surveillance capability that is equivalent to approximately 150 thermal imagers placed side by side.

An ultra-long-range, day/ night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system, Spectro was also highlighted at the show. The system provides 20” payload performance in a 15” payload. The heart of the system is a large multi-spectral imaging system that combines multiple cameras into one, allowing it to significantly improve performance without increasing size and weight. The system can be installed on a variety of platforms including rotary and fixed-wing airborne platforms, aerostats, naval vessels and land applications. Spectro’s unique combination of characteristics, along with advanced mission capabilities, make it suitable for missions such as surveillance, targeting and fire control as well as search and rescue missions.

UVision Unveils High-Precision, Extended-Range Loitering Munition System

UVision Air Ltd., a global pioneer of lethal aerial loitering systems of all sizes, unveiled the Hero-400EC, its new enlarged, extended-range, extremely precise loitering munition system at the Ground Warfare and Logistics Conference in Latrun, Israel, 16-17 May 2017. The system’s unique cruciform aerodynamic design delivers high-accuracy and reduces collateral damage. Its electric motor enables it to loiter silently above a target, ready to instantly respond to pop-up threats. The Hero-400EC was presented for the first time.

UVision Unveils High-Precision, Extended-Range Loitering Munition System According to Noam Levitt, CEO of UVision, “We recognised the need for a long-range platform that could remain in the air for extended periods of time, provide a substantial warhead effective against a wide variety of targets, and also deliver missile-level pinpoint strike capabilities. The Hero-400EC answers these critical needs.”

The Hero-400EC is a revolutionary Loitering Munition System using man-in-the loop technology and advanced Electro-Optical/ Infra-Red (EO/ IR) payloads that can locate, track and strike static or moving targets with pinpoint accuracy and surprise. The system features a low noise and thermal signature modular multi-tube launcher that is adaptable to a wide range of platforms, thereby offering air, land, and sea capabilities.

The abort capability allows automatic re-entry into the loitering mode, re-engagement of the enemy, or return to the recovery area using a parachute. This makes Hero-400EC a cost-effective weapon of choice on today’s asymmetric battlefield. The Hero-400EC has a maximum take-off weight of 40 kg and a warhead weight of 10 kg, with an endurance of up to 2 hours.

Levitt further remarked, “The system is currently in an advanced stage of development, with customer demonstrations planned for later this year. We believe it will prove very successful as the only platform of its kind in its category that meets these very real and acute needs”.

CONTROP Launches Compact High Definition EO/ IR Camera Payload

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd., a company specialising in the field of electro-optics (EO) and infrared (IR) defence and homeland security solutions, announced in March 2017 the release of the new iSea-20HD - High Definition (HD) EO/ IR camera payload for small boats. The introduction of the new iSea-20HD completes CONTROP’s iSea family of four (4) EO/ IR payloads with HD capabilities, including the iSea-30HD, iSe

CONTROP Launches Compact High Definition (HD) EO/ IR Camera Payload The new iSea-20HD is a compact and lightweight (9.4 inch diameter 24 lbs.) payload, which includes a high resolution Thermal Camera with 15x continuous zoom lens, HD colour continuous zoom Day Camera with Low Light Mode and an Eye safe Laser Range Finder (ELRF) and/ or Laser Pointer as options.

The addition of the new iSea-20HD to CONTROP’s family of EO/ IR payloads compliments CONTROP’s wide variety of options for all maritime missions and platforms – from the iSea-20HD 9.4 inch 24 lbs. system up to the iSea-50HD 14 inch 66 lbs. system. These camera payloads are used worldwide for Coast Guard and Maritime surveillance/ observation applications and provide an outstanding man-machine interface (MMI) and flexibility. CONTROP’s EO/ IR camera payloads are installed on many different maritime platforms.

CONTROP’s VP Marketing for the Asia Pacific Johnny Carni added, “The system’s thermal imager with the continuous zoom lens makes the iSea-20HD ideal for day and night surveillance applications, particularly on small boats. Its high stabilisation allows the payload to provide a clear picture even when in rough waters. By adding the iSea-20HD to our iSea line of maritime payloads, we are able to provide a variety of different sizes HD payload options to meet any size/ weight/ budget requirements. Now, even if there are tight budgetary restrictions, we can provide our customers with the best-suited high performance HD payload to meet their needs. Since we offer these fully gyro-stabilised camera payloads at very competitive prices, we are providing our customers with an unmatched price/performance ratio.”

Elbit Systems and Alpha Design Technologies to Jointly Upgrade IAF’s Mi-17 Helicopters

In February 2017, Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd announced the signing of a USD 30 million contract with Elbit Systems for the Indian Air Force (IAF’s) Mi-17 helicopter upgrade programme. The programme involves upgrading of 90 Mi-17 helicopters and Alpha Design, as the major offset partner, will be manufacturing all key sub-units at its Bengaluru factory. Alpha Design’s scope of work will involve manufacturing of key sub-units such as smart displays, new cockpit, transponder, Digital Voice Recorder (DVR), Missile Launch Detection Systems (MILDS), Cables, Brackets, etc. Similar upgrades for Ka226, LCH, ACH, Chinook and Apache Helicopters are also on anvil.

Elbit Systems and Alpha Design Technologies to Jointly Upgrade IAF’s Mi-17 Helicopters Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, president and CEO of Elbit Systems, noted: “We are very pleased to have won this major helicopter upgrade project and for the opportunity to implement our unique and innovative avionic solutions. Elbit Systems is a world leader in the Eastern helicopter upgrade market, having completed and continuing to perform numerous programmes which improve operational capabilities and facilitate safer flight, night and day. Since the ‘ageing helicopter’ market is growing rapidly and includes numerous Eastern platforms, we hope other customers will follow the selection of our modernisation solutions”.

Colonel H. S. Shankar, chairman and managing director, Alpha Design Technologies, said, “The inking of this contract further reinforces our commitment towards providing the best defence technologies to our valiant forces. It is also an acknowledgement of our top-notch quality products and the immense expertise of our team. We look forward to working on more such contracts in the years ahead thereby showcasing the best engineering and technological prowess that exists in India.”

Alpha Design’s MILDS is being indigenously manufactured by the company in technical collaboration, with Airbus, as part of DARE (DRDO)’s project for upgradation of helicopters. Alpha Design has already produced and supplied 469 MILDS as part of Cheetah helicopter upgrade to Army Aviation Corps through BEL (DRDO’s Project) during 2015-16.

Rafael Recently Demonstrated its Spike SR Missile to International Delegations

In January 2017, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd hosted a group of some 15 delegations from countries around the world for the first-ever international demonstration of Spike SR, a short range, precise and a tactical missile. The missile has been specifically designed for the infantry level (platoon, company). The delegations were from various countries, including Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Spain.

Rafael Demonstrates its Spike SR Missile to International Delegations Spike SR is part of the wider Spike Family that consists of missiles with ranges of up to 30 km that can be launched from different platforms, naval, land and aerial, against a variety of targets. Rafael has sold so far 27,000 spike missiles to more than 26 countries.

Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land Systems Division said, “Spike SR complements Rafael’s existing land systems and is another level in its strategy to define and implement advanced technological solutions for a variety of uses for land forces in Israel and around the world. The completion of the project, which included numerous challenges in many disciplines, is another indication of Rafael’s capabilities and is a source of pride for the company.”

The Spike SR is a uniquely-shaped missile with a minimum flight range of 50m, and during the successful demo, the missiles were fired to various ranges, 150-1500 meters, against both stationary and moving targets.

A major breakthrough in the design of the missile is the unification of its emission and flight engine a unique development that has contributed to its low weight and short length. The missile is highly manoeuverable and can hit moving targets at short ranges.

Spike SR (with canister and control unit) weighs less than 10 kg which constitutes a major advantage for small tactical missiles which are used and carried by infantry soldiers for great distances. Its other innovative capabilities include an advanced tracker that can lock on very small targets day and night, and its high penetration level due to its tandem warhead.

Israeli MoD Buys 100s of Rafael’s Trophy Active Protection Systems

Israeli MoD Buys 100s of Rafaels Trophy Active Protection Systems Israeli ministry of defence (MoD) director general, Gen. (res) Udi Adam in November 2016 instructed the directorate of production and procurement (DOPP) to purchase hundreds of additional Trophy active protection systems (APS), manufactured by Rafael. The volume is estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels. The new order will ensure that every new Merkava 4 tank and Namer APC will be equipped with the Trophy system, providing significant additional protection for every tank and APC.

In recent months, the Tank Management Program at the MoD, together with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Ground Forces, conducted a series of successful tests on the Namer APC equipped with the Trophy System. Completion of the trials and the integration process allowed for the procurement and production of hundreds of additional Trophy systems.

Trophy, the winner of Israel’s Security Prize, is considered the best active protection system of its kind in the world, and is the only operational, combat-proven APS. During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Trophy intercepted numerous Hamas anti-tank missile attacks on IDF tanks and APCs. As a result, Trophy changed the image.

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