‘As An Indian, I Am Proud to Say that MDL has Out-performed the Learning Curve in this Project’
What is the update on the Scorpene project? With the government sanctioning the MPM, do you anticipate any further delays in the project?
Presently, the six submarines are at various stages of constructions, right from outfitting of the first boat to the cutting of steel of the sixth boat, which commenced on 18 April 2011. MDL is presently ahead of schedule in most of the boats. No further delays are anticipated in the project.

What will be the launch and delivery schedule now, both of the first submarine and the last submarine?
The launch and delivery of both, the first and last submarines, will be as per the contract schedule. The first boat is scheduled for delivery in August 2015.

How has the learning curve been with DCNS on the submarine project? Looking back, what have been the highlights of this cooperation?
As an Indian, I am proud to say that MDL has out-performed the learning curve in this project. Our collaborators have acknowledged that our performance on the third boat in terms of quality output on the vital aspects of hull fabrication is at par with world standards. In fact, in some areas such as fabrication of sections, we are way ahead of other shipyards in the world.

As far as cooperation with DCNS is concerned, at this point, I would like to highlight the high level of cooperation between us in meeting our common and mutual objectives of delivering quality submarines within the contractual timelines. In this regard, our collaborators are extremely positive in their attitude and outlook. If I have to pinpoint one single factor, which has made this possible, it is the mutual professional respect and trust on both sides, for the other’s capabilities and intentions.

DCNS have responded to all our requirements with alacrity and at times anticipating requirements and acting accordingly. All in all, I think we have benefited immensely from the ToT and I am sure this will stand us in good stead for future projects. I must acknowledge their contribution in taking our standards of safety and occupational health to a new level and I am sure the French will take back a few lessons in Indian penchant for innovativeness, ingenuity and flexibility.

When are you expecting the RFP for P75(I)? It is believed that a few private sector shipyards will also bid for the P75(I) contract. Do you see competition from the private shipyards? How will you counter that? I am not very sure when the RFP for P75(I) will be released. As regards competition from private shipyards, I can only say that MDL’s track record in submarine building is there for all to see; apart from the fact that MDL is the only shipyard in the country which has built conventional submarines. However, I also believe that there is merit in synergising our efforts with private shipyards in order to compress timelines.

What is the progress on the P15A and P17? Have you heard anything from the Indian Navy on the follow-on orders?
The progress on our shipbuilding projects has been satisfactory. As you are aware, three frigates with stealth features are being built at MDL.
Chairman and managing director, Mazagon Dock Limited, Vice Admiral H.S. Malhi
The first ship, INS Shivalik is already commissioned in the Indian Navy. The second ship, INS Satpura has completed final machinery trials and is being readied for delivery in June 2011. The third ship, INS Sahyadri is in the final stages of construction and will be delivered by end of the year. In addition, three missile destroyers are being built under Project P15A. First two ships are presently in an advanced stage of outfitting. We are likely to commence delivery from March 2012 onwards for the first ship and one ship each, thereafter, every year. We have signed the contract for four destroyers under Project 15B for Indian Navy. Preparatory work is in progress and production will commence in 2012. Defence Acquisition Council has also approved construction of seven P17A stealth frigates at MDL and GRSE. These are follow-ons of P-17 frigates.

What is the scope and progress on shipyard modernisation? Has the work commenced on the wet basin? What would be the size of this wet basin? By when are you expecting the Goliath crane to become operational?
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