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49 is a Very Generous Percentage. With Such a Large Market, Companies That Don’t Take Advantage of the New FDI Rule Will Be Completely Shut Out
Chairman and Managing Director, Zen Technologies Limited, Ashok Atluri

Ashok Atluri Recently Zen Technologies signed a MoU with Rockwell Collins for simulation devices. Could you provide details of this MoU and the Indian programmes that you are planning to compete through this tie-up?
Rockwell Collins and Zen Technologies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the area of simulation and training to offer solutions to Indian military customers. Rockwell Collins (RC) provides world-class aviation simulation and training products, systems and integration solutions, while Zen Technologies specialises in industry-leading ground military simulation and training solutions. We are of the view that when we team up, the world class capabilities of Rockwell Collins and Zen Technologies’ successful land simulation experience in the Indian market, we will be able to provide our Indian customers with a very superior product at very competitive rates.

Could you explain how this partnership can achieve the government’s new aim – ‘Make in India’? Is there a provision for technology transfer with foreign OEMs in your agreement?
Under the MoU with RC, the needs of the Indian customer will be fulfilled by Zen in India through transfer of technology from RC. Besides this, Zen will also absorb certain other technologies and manufacture in India for RC’s customers around the world. We believe that the relationship with RC is very much in line with the ‘Make in India’ philosophy.

What is your assessment of the flight simulation market in India? How do you foresee the opportunities in the near time, in this arena?
In the coming years the Indian defence forces will be procuring a number of aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary. The simulators are directly related to the procurement of air assets. Moreover, there are a number of existing simulators which may need some mid-life upgrades, both in terms of technology and aircraft concurrency. Therefore, we see a very large opportunity for full mission simulators, flight training devices, and part task trainers, amongst others.

Tell us a little about the ongoing defence programmes of Zen Technologies with the Indian armed forces.
We intend to participate in the upcoming Request for Proposals (RFPs) for training simulators that are expected to be published in the next few years.

What products are you offering in the area of homeland security? Do you have any ongoing programmes with the paramilitary forces? Furthermore, do you see any interest among the paramilitary forces for these products in the near term?
We have many products catering to the training needs of state police and Paramilitary forces. There is great interest in the following products from both the state police and central police organisations:

• Automatic Grenade Launcher Simulator
• Medium Machine Gun Simulator
• Advanced Weapons Simulator
• Tactical Engagement Simulator
• Hand Grenade Simulator
• Driving Training Simulator
• 81mm Mortar Integrated Simulator
• Smart Target System (Location of Miss and Hit)

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