With solutions like the AGM-65 Maverick and the MCU, the IAF can obtain proven, cost-effective vital capabilities to ensure the nation’s defence

President, Raytheon India, William Blair

Specific to the Indian Air Force, what programmes are you looking at now in terms of weapon systems and in what time frame?

Our missiles business can offer proven, versatile, effective and affordable precision to address India’s combat helicopter requirements. For example, ‘Stinger ATA’ is on multiple platforms worldwide. It is operable during day/night and in all environmental conditions. Then, ‘TOW RF’ which is an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) and Bunker Buster is light, versatile, affordable and effective in difficult environments. It provides an opportunity to develop a launcher with the Indian industry. We also have ‘Talon LGR’, which provides easy and affordable integration onto 70mm rockets and fire control systems. It is also applicable to multiple platforms and fills gap between unguided rockets and ATGMs.

What exactly is Raytheon’s role in IAF’s MAFI programme? Are you expecting the programme to extend beyond the IAF airfields?

Raytheon is part of the Modernization of Air Force Infrastructure (MAFI) programme which will upgrade 30 military air fields. We are providing our advanced air traffic management technology solution, AutoTrac, to the IAF as part of the programme.

The IAF has embarked upon an ambitious modernisation programme addressing all aspects of air power. How do you see Raytheon contributing to this?
The military systems in service today have clearly enabled India’s armed forces to defend the sovereignty of the nation, and now the IAF is undertaking a significant modernisation effort that will move the armed forces to the next level of capability. Building on the strong foundation of our relationship with the air force, our goal is to continue to partner with this key customer to provide critical technologies and solutions in support of their mission. We see that there is a great deal of opportunity for Raytheon to provide the IAF with the most state-of-the-art technology in the world. For example, Raytheon’s AGM-65 Maverick missile provides air crews worldwide with launch-and-leave capability across a wide span of employment ranges and speeds. With its one-metre precision accuracy and lethal warhead, Maverick gives a high single-pass probability of success with low collateral damage. Maverick’s modular design provides nine configurations with choices of three different seeker/guidance options, and two different warheads and fusing options. Maverick has also been successfully integrated on 25 types of aircraft worldwide – from fighter jets and helicopters to maritime patrol aircraft and light combat aircraft.

Also, Raytheon has developed an affordable weapons integration product called the Munitions Control Unit (MCU). This solution allows customers to integrate modern weapon systems onto existing aircraft, improving the capability of any air force’s current fleet. The MCU is a small interface device that fits into an aircraft’s avionics bay and utilises the existing weapons wiring to communicate to the newer, more advanced weapon systems with the aircraft.

We provide technology solutions for defence and government customers worldwide. With proven solutions, such as the AGM-65 Maverick and the MCU, the IAF can obtain proven, cost-effective vital capabilities to ensure the nation’s defence.
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