Since last year (following the Rail Budget 2015-16), Thales has been focusing on transfer of production of its TPWS signalling technology to India, through our local supply chain partners
Antoine Caput, VP & Country Director – India, Thales

Antoine Caput Thales has recently signed a MoU with IIT Bombay for the scientific collaboration. Could you please elaborate on the specific areas of research?
In January 2016, Thales and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a jointly supervised IIT Bombay-CNRS PhD fellowship programme starting July 2016. Through this fellowship programme, Thales and IIT Bombay seek to fortify the Indo-French scientific collaboration including cross-cooperation between laboratories and R&D for industrial applications.

The students selected for the jointly supervised PhD fellowships will have a PhD supervisor in India and a co-supervisor in France (from one of the identified CNRS laboratories). The programme will provide highly qualified students of IIT Bombay with the opportunity to conduct a part of their research project in both countries in areas of expertise such as advanced electronics and electromagnetics or complex system engineering. This will allow the selected students to experience cultural diversity together with establishing an international professional network.

Promoting R&D as a way of fostering economic development is of mutual interest to both Thales and IIT Bombay, making this a preferred collaboration. Thales’ strategy of collaborating with the Indian academic institutions and grooming talents is in line with the Indian government’s Skill India vision. Given our long-standing commitment to the Indian market, this is a natural step forward towards strengthening the knowledge and innovation eco-system in the country.

Partnering with top universities worldwide is an important aspect of innovation for Thales which created joint projects with over 50 prestigious universities and research laboratories worldwide. In 2015, Thales ranked for the third time among the world’s Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters.

What are the latest technological advances in Thales’ air defence inventory?
Thales has been developing, manufacturing and providing best-in-class air defence systems for customers worldwide for more than 40 years. We have been working with our customers to address evolving threats through Thales advanced air defence that ensures timely decision making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe. Thales’ latest offering is the Flycatcher Mk2, advanced defence fire control radar which is equipped with sophisticated 4D multi-beam radar that combines high detection probability with low false alarm rate.

The Flycatcher Mk2 is not only capable of providing weapon control for air defence guns, but also offers target information for Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS). This air defence fire control radar has co-located surveillance and track radar which makes it ideal to prevent errors in target hand-over and to minimise the number of radar locations required to protect the area.

Some of the other key products in Thales’ advanced air defence portfolio include Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) and STARStreak – High Velocity Missile (HVM). LMM is a lightweight, precision strike, missile, which has been designed to be fired from a variety of lightweight, tactical platforms and provide a rapid reaction to a wide range of surface threats from wheeled or tracked vehicles, towed artillery or static installations.

Military commanders around the world are increasingly concerned about the serious threats being posed to their forces and civilians by low level FGAs, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Attack Helicopters. Thales’ STARStreak has been designed to defeat these threats quickly and effectively and provide a vital capability in force protection. STARStreak is a truly versatile missile and is most effective when dealing with targets with short exposure times.

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