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SFW is One of the World’s Most Effective Weapons, Without Putting Ground Forces or Civilians at Risk

President and Chief Executive Officer, Textron Systems, Ellen Lord

Ellen LordWhat are the opportunities and challenges you see in 2013 for Textron?
We are working closely with the Border Security Force (BSF) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to discuss their border management priorities for 2013. This is a complex challenge for our customers, representing a range of urgent requirements. Textron Systems offers a breadth of border management solutions, from unattended ground sensors to unmanned aircraft systems, plus a range of intelligence and visualisation tools to gather and exploit data. Our experience enables us to deeply understand the challenge and help to shape a comprehensive, end-to-end strategy set. This is one of our primary focus areas for 2013.

You teamed with HAL to produce and integrate Sensor Fuzed Weapons (SFW) on Jaguar fighters for the Indian Air Force (IAF). At what stage are you in this programme?
The SFW foreign military sale programme was initiated in 2010. We are under contract to provide a total of 512 Sensor Fuzed Weapons for the IAF’s Jaguar aircraft. Textron Systems completed its SFW deliveries to the US Air Force in late 2012. The US Air Force will coordinate delivery to the IAF. The SFW is an air-delivered area weapon that provides a highly effective and reliable anti-vehicle weapon to the IAF. Based on extensive testing and use in combat by the US Air Force, SFW is proven to leave less than one half a percent unexploded ordnance (UXO). SFW is one of the world’s most effective weapons, without putting ground forces or civilians at risk after its use.

In the last Defexpo, you focused primarily on the discussions with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to bring your unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to the Indian market. What was the response that you have received from DRDO?
We have indeed had many discussions with the DRDO on a variety of capabilities, including our UAS, and remain ready to support its requirements as they are developed. Textron Systems is an established and trusted UAS provider, with decades of experience designing, manufacturing, fielding, servicing and operating unmanned systems. That depth of knowledge makes us a uniquely qualified industry partner for the DRDO and other Indian customers.
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