We have all the products that can support Indian Army’s BMS programme

Intro: Vice president and managing director, Rockwell Collins, Asia Pacific, T.C. Chan and managing director, Rockwell Collins, India, Ram Prasad

At what stage is the Battlefield Management System (BMS) programme of the Indian Army? What products do you plan to offer for BMS?
T.C. Chan: The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the BMS has not been issued at this point of time. As I understand it, the Indian Army is still trying to determine what should be in that RFP. From our perspective, one of the key areas in this programme will be the communication arena. Rockwell Collins has a good history in supplying communication equipment and communication systems to programmes like these. We have all the products that can support this BMS programme.

For example, we have a product called SubNet relay which gives true mobile, ad hoc networking technology for net-centric operations in remote locations. The armed forces can enable their radios to autonomously form networks and extend their communication capability to many nodes and allow them to communicate with each other more seamlessly. The network can be formed and re-formed by itself and the messages can find its way through the network to its final destination. So, we are primarily in the BMS programme to offer the communication equipment.

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