The Prime Ministers of India and Japan Have Declared to Form a JWG to Explore Modality for Cooperation On US-2
Managing director ShinMaywa Industries India Pvt Ltd and director ShinMaywa Industries Ltd, Japan, Kanji Ishimaru
Kanji IshimaruWhat is the purpose of your visit this time?
This visit is part of my scheduled visits to India. During these visits we discuss various issues related to the US-2 project, other business matters and have important meetings with government, our Embassy and our potential industry partners. The Prime Ministers of India and Japan have declared to form a JWG to explore modality for the cooperation on the US-2 amphibian aircraft. ShinMaywa (Japan) is also part of the JWG. Therefore, we expect that the progress of JWG would be discussed as part of the agenda during the next summit meeting.

The Japanese Emperor is visiting India now. What do you think about the visit?
The Emperor is visiting India after 53 years. It is really a good sign about the ever growing friendship between the two nations.

Your aircraft US-2 is unique. RFI was issued in 2011, when do you expect the RFP?
The US-2 is a unique aircraft and the only ‘in service’ open sea capable amphibian aircraft with state of art equipment, very rough sea operations and riverine/lake landing capability, STOL features, long endurance and extended radius of operations with large payload capacity. We believe that this is the best aircraft that meets the requirement of the Indian Navy completely. We have to respect and follow the laid down procedure.

The version you are offering to India is US-2i. What is the difference between US-2 and US-2i?
While the basic capability of the aircraft remains the same, there would be certain equipment changes to cater for the Indian Navy’s role requirement as per the RFI.

What are your interactions with the Indian Coast Guard?
Indian Coast Guard has shown significant interest in the aircraft and we have made a few presentations to the concerned authorities. US–2, with its unique capabilities could be the ideal platform for meeting various constabulary and policing missions of the Coast Guard in open sea conditions.

If Indian Navy and Coast Guard also takes interest, do you see a possibility of large numbers and also the possibility of manufacturing here?
In future, if we do have increased orders within a short delivery timeline, then, we may have to think about manufacturing this aircraft in India. The process is really complicated and requires years of experience. Therefore, a step by step approach will be successful. We will begin with MRO and final assembly, integration and testing in India and then later go to parts manufacturing.
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