Our Efforts Are to Avoid Any Triggers to Deprive the Separatists of Causes for Instigating Violence
General Officer Commanding in Chief, Lt Gen. Sanjiv Chachra AVSM, VSM
Lt Gen. Sanjiv Chachra AVSM, VSMHow do you see the proxy war situation in Jammu and Kashmir?

In the past few months you would have seen that a large number of terrorist leaders have been eliminated. I must mention that there has been an excellent synergy between us, the police and the Paramilitary forces. Many joint operations launched have been very successful, and there is now a vacuum in the terrorist leadership and that is why there is an increase in infiltration attempts.

The desperation to make up the dwindling strength of leaders and terrorists in the valley is overbearing on the perpetrators of terrorism to further their nefarious designs. It cannot be ruled out that heavy snowfall on the Line of Control (LC) may have started attempts of infiltration. We anticipate that this phenomenon could become more pronounced in view of the Parliament and State Assembly Elections in 2014. It is possibly their only chance to infiltrate and attempt to scuttle the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that it is a futile bid and they won’t succeed.

I would say that the terrorist-separatist nexus is under extreme pressure to revive the flagging militancy. The overall situation in the hinterland has improved in the last few years, however it is evident that it is a fragile peace wherein several challenges remain. There is no dilution in the intent of the nexus and the terrorist infrastructure across the LC is still intact. We are geared up for all the possibilities and challenges.

In the present situation, what will be the army’s strategy during the coming winter months?
We are constantly reviewing the security situation and functioning in close coordination with the police and paramilitary forces to provide a peaceful environment in the state and support the forthcoming elections. We have an effective multilayered Counter-Infiltration Grid in place which we are regularly analysing and improving.

As winter sets in, the focus of infiltration attempts normally shifts south of the Pir Panjal. However, as snowfall commences and the LC fence starts getting buried, there may be last ditch attempts to infiltrate from new areas in the north. Our strategy will be to carry out timely relocation and re-deployment in keeping with the snow levels to deny the terrorists any avenues of infiltration. We give primacy to preventing infiltration while we simultaneously degrade the remaining terrorists in the hinterland.

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