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When Battles Will Be Fought With all Kinds of Jamming and Available Countermeasures, RBS 70 Will be a Winning Concept

Managing director, Saab India Technologies Pvt Ltd, Niklas Nieminen

Managing director, Saab India Technologies Pvt Ltd, Niklas NieminenWhat technologies are you planning to showcase this year at Aero India?
Saab will be participating in full strength at Aero India 2013. After a scintillating display at Aero India 2011, the company will once again present a series of products covering the land, air, naval and civil security domains at Aero India 2013 in Hall No A Stall 2.7. This would be Saab’s fourth successive presence at the Aero Show and an opportunity to connect with all major armed forces.
All Saab business areas are participating in the exhibition: Aeronautics, Dynamics, Electronic Defence Systems and Security & Defence Solutions, and Support & Services. Products on display in the Saab stand include the following:
RBS 70 NG VSHORAD: The new accurate, reliable and flexible RBS 70 NG Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) system with 24/7 all-target capability has been developed for any combat situation. A new generation integrated sighting system, enhanced gunner aids, high precision, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a ground-based air-defence system with world-leading capabilities
BAMSE Ground Based Missile System: The BAMSE Automatic Command-to-Line-Of-Sight (ACLOS) missile system is one of the few systems in the world today that has been developed as a dedicated ground-based air-defence missile system.
Mobile Camouflage System: Military vehicles are used in support of operations in a wide variety of settings with constantly changing threats and intensity. Since vehicles are most vulnerable while moving, mobile camouflage is a highly important equipment area. With optional heat reduction capability, further protection is achieved. It has complete sensor protection and heat-transfer reduction in one system.
9LV Situational Awareness Terminal (9LV SAT): This brings the tactical picture to ships and small craft that have not previously been part of the maritime C4I network. Combining proven combat system software modules with low-cost COTS hardware provides commanders with full command and control of all their assets.
9Land Soldier SPAD: The 9Land Soldier SPAD is developed with the needs and limitations of soldiers in mind. To meet today’s challenges, they need the support of systems that can help them be more focused, proactive and better coordinated. That is why the SPAD is designed to only provide information on a need-to-know-basis.
Gripen NG: The Gripen NG model will be on display. It is the first of the new generation, multi-role fighter aircraft to enter operational service. Using the latest technology, it is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions employing the latest weapons.
Main Battle Tank (MBT) Crew Trainer: Saab’s MBT Crew Trainer is superior for live precision gunnery and combat training. The MBT Crew Trainer forces the entire crew to perform accurate and correct procedures and drills.
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