BEL has graduated from an equipment supplier to a total solution provider to navy and most of the systems are customised as per platform requirements
Chairman and managing director, Bharat Electronics Ltd, S.K. Sharma
S.K. SharmaWhat will be your key areas of focus for Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and the vision for the company?
With the government’s enhanced thrust on indigenisation, BEL is looking at innovative ways to address the customer requirements through collaborative research and development (R&D) with technology companies, international partners, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other suitable business models such as Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Joint Ventures and Consortia. Also, with private participation gaining momentum in defence business, BEL is gearing up with new strategies to consolidate and retain its leadership position in the Indian defence market.

Based on our proven track record of design-to-delivery of major defence and government mission projects, BEL will play a key role in the modernisation of Indian defence and security infrastructure by providing competitive, innovative and operationally superior products and systems. I see BEL becoming more agile, responsive and entrepreneurial organisation having an opportunity for substantial growth in the next five years in light of the planned modernisation of the armed forces.

We are aligning our capabilities and operations with future customer expectations and strengthening our R&D, supply chain and project management to overcome the challenges posed by increasing competition, pressure on margins and faster deliveries.

The major growth areas would be missile systems, next generation AESA-based radars, electronic warfare, network centric systems and electro optics.

Please mention some of the latest projects that BEL is working for land and naval systems and futuristic technologies?
The following are some of the latest projects that BEL is working for land and naval systems:

Weapon Systems: BEL is currently executing contracts for Akash Surface to Air Missile (SAM) systems for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the army. It is an Air Defence Weapon System to defend Vulnerable Areas/Vulnerable Points against medium range targets penetrating from low, medium and high altitudes. It provides protection against air threats like aircrafts, helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) and Cruise missiles. Radars & Naval Systems: 2D/3D Low Level Light Weight Surveillance Radars, Low Level Tracking Radar, Naval Surveillance and Fire Control Radars, Secondary Surveillance Radar, Hull Mounted and Submarine Sonars, Torpedo defence systems and Coastal Surveillance systems

Communication & C4I systems: Combat Management Systems for naval ships, Air Defence Control & Reporting System, Battlefield Surveillance System, Secure Satcom and Cellular Communication systems, Internal/External Ship Communication systems, Ship Data Networks

Electronic Warfare: Various stand-alone and integrated ESM/ECM Electronic Warfare systems in Radar & Communication bands for land, sea and airborne platforms

Electro Optics (EO): Night Vision Devices based on Image Intensifier and Thermal Imaging, Weapon Sights and Laser Range Finders

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