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We have 1,000 engineers working in India through outsourced agreements and have world-class manufacturing facilities, exporting components around the world
President, India & South Asia, Rolls-Royce, Kishore Jayaraman

Kishore Jayaraman With the acquisition of Rolls Royce Power System, what kind of advantage does Rolls Royce have in Indian naval systems market, from propulsion to navigation to support?
Power Systems, part of our Land & Sea division, is a world leader in large reciprocating engines, propulsion and distributed energy systems. The product portfolio includes Rolls-Royce subsidiary MTU’s brand high-speed engines and propulsion systems for ships, for heavy land, rail and defence vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry.

Under the MTU Onsite Energy brand, the company markets diesel gensets for emergency, base load and peak load applications, in addition to cogeneration plants for the generation of combined heat and power-based on gas engines or gas turbines. The Norwegian subsidiary Bergen Engines manufactures medium-speed engines for marine and power generation applications. L’Orange rounds off the portfolio with fuel injection systems for large engines. We are the preferred partner for sustainable solutions in power, propulsion and services. With such a wide product portfolio, the Power Systems division offers immense synergies for the growing Indian naval market.

MTU is a world leading provider of high and medium speed diesel engines. Within the shipping sector the company has established a long and successful partnership with some tens of thousands of engines in operation around the globe and on all seas. Presently, MTU engines form the backbone of the Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy fleet. Engines from Bergen Engines are also fitted on vessels of the Indian Cost Guard. With MTU now a part of the Rolls-Royce marine equipment portfolio, it helps us in building a synergy by offering complete drive-line integrated system solutions to naval customers across the world.

As a group, what current and future opportunities do you see with the Indian Navy, both in surface ships and in naval aviation?
With Indian Navy having a fleet of about 145 warships and Indian Coast Guard having a fleet of over 100 ships and boats, India is the fourth largest navy in the world. A total of more than 40 warships and submarines including aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, Stealth ASW Corvette, and nuclear powered submarines are under construction in the country’s shipyards.

Rolls-Royce is committed to bring high technology-oriented ecosystems to the Indian Navy. The navy has in excess of 30 ships utilising Rolls-Royce motion control equipment and many of our other products are also operated in the navy and Coast Guard fleets.

India has been working towards the growth in regional naval force with blue water aspirations. The country has an ambitious plan to modernise its defence forces with almost 150 warships being added to its inventory by 2027 in order to modernise its navy, and develop its low-cost shipbuilding capabilities. This will include many of the existing fleet which are due for progressive retirement. The Coast Guard has indicated that they require a total of 160 vessels over next seven years. All this presents tremendous opportunities for growth. Some of the near-term opportunities include water jets for a number of new build CG like the Fast Patrol Vessels, Inshore Patrol Vessels and Indian Naval ASW Corvettes etc.

As the government increasingly focuses on ‘Make India’, how is Rolls Royce going to leverage its eight decade-old presence in India to hand-hold the Indian industry?
Rolls-Royce, with a legacy of over 80 years in India, supports this progressive initiative as it will not only help Indian industries become globally competitive but will also allow companies like us to further support the country’s modernisation needs.

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