We are very sensitive to the fact that in the long term India wants to migrate to Make (India) programmes. We understand the technology transfer and we are willing to partner with Indian companies
Director, government sales and marketing, Asia-Pacific, Rockwell Collins, Douglas Schoen
Rockwell Collins How was DefExpo for you? What kind of interactions did you have during the show?

We had interactions with all the services in India - army, navy, air force, Coast Guard, ministry of home affairs as well as a lot of industry interactions. The products that we had showcased like RT8400 software defined radio (SDR), our aviation products like Pro Line Fusion, HeliSure had drawn a lot of attention. Additionally, Patrol Persistent Surveillance System (PPSS) for physical security of borders, power plants and infrastructure had also generated a lot of interest among the customers.

How do you foresee defence procurements for Rockwell Collins the financial year 2014-15?
We have been working in India for several years now with our office in New Delhi and our design centre in Hyderabad, which has been doing great. Even this year we had a couple of successes. We had sold our 721S radios for Indian Air Force (IAF)’s advanced telemetry system. From our viewpoint, we still see a lot of opportunities here and for the kind of products we sell, we are in an advantageous position. There may be some delays for the larger defence programmes. But from our perspective we are still doing good business and we are pleased with the growth of our design centre and our presence here in India. We had some recent successes and with the launch of the new products, we are still positive on the market.

What is the next big procurement programme for Rockwell Collins?
We are looking at several different programmes at this moment. Some of them we wouldn’t want to talk about as they are currently ongoing. But we are looking at any of the SDR programmes where India is modernising their communication infrastructure for the different branches of the forces. That is a very core capability for Rockwell Collins. Our new radio RT8400 that we showcased at DefExpo, also the first time displayed to the public anywhere, was really aimed at a lot of SDR programmes here in India.

Are you in talks with the ministry of home affairs for the big ticket paramilitary procurements?
We have done several presentations on our two sets of products - SatCom for communication infrastructure which will really enable the communications for a vast network; and secondly, PPSS for the security systems that monitor broad range of territories without deploying extensive manpower.

We have already pegged PPSS for the programmes that are starting in India’s Northeastern region for the border guarding forces and also for the airport perimetre security.
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