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Many of the Future Programmes That We See Coming Will Be “Make India” Programmes, So Teaming with Indian Partners is a Key Element in Our Strategy

Vice president and managing director, Rockwell Collins (Asia Pacific), T.C. Chan

Vice president and managing director, Rockwell Collins (Asia Pacific), T.C. ChanWhat are the opportunities and challenges for Rockwell Collins in 2013?
India is a critical growth market for Rockwell Collins. Increasing air traffic and ongoing regional security threats are driving spending on programmes in both commercial and government sectors.
Rockwell Collins sees significant business opportunities within the defence forces communications upgrades; network centric warfare; soldier modernisation; air transport; business aviation and security and defence markets in India. The company’s strength in network enabled communications, advanced, integrated avionics and communications systems for military fixed and rotary wing aircraft, precision navigation and nose-to-tail systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aligns well with India’s needs.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is still in the infancy with the Indian armed forces. What is your strategy to bring the SDRs to the Indian market? Which SDRs of Rockwell Collins do you think will fit in the Indian market?
We have a number of SDRs that we think will fit in the Indian market. For airborne programmes we have the 629F-23 4th generation ARC-210, and RT-8400 5th generation Talon 2. Both of these SDRs leverage our extensive history in building airborne V/UHF radios.
For fixed site radios, we have a ground version of the Talon 2 SDR, one that will offer air-ground networking with our airborne SDRs, as well as standard voice communications with legacy V/UHF radios.
For ground mobile applications, Rockwell Collins and Thales have teamed to offer the FlexNet™ family of SDRs. We think that all of our SDRs can find a home in the Indian market.
Many of the future programmes that we see coming will be ‘make India’ programmes, so teaming with Indian partners is a key element in our strategy.
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