The BT47 system is supported by Saab’s GAMER exercise control console configurable from a ruggedised laptop for small scale exercises up to major Combat Training Centre establishments
Marketing director, training and simulation, Saab India Technologies Pvt Ltd, Rob Wild
Rob WildWhat kind of training tools does Saab have in its portfolio and which of those are available to the Indian users?
Saab offers the Indian market an extensive portfolio of training capabilities and simulation products from across the complete Live, Virtual, Constructive simulation domains as well as Targetry equipment and Range Control applications. Following are some of them:

Small Arms Indoor Trainer: The Saab Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) is a highly realistic virtual shooting simulator that enables personnel to practice and hone shooting skills by either replicating or instrumenting in-service weapons and recreating the conditions of a live firing range, or an operational area, in a 3D virtual environment. The benefits of SAVIT include perfect for organisations with limited training time, training resources and live firing facilities; Hones weapon and shooting skills; Provides safe and auditable training; Practices personnel in judgemental shooting; Provides trainees with multiple scenarios including complex environments; Replicates day and night and various climatic conditions and enables personnel to be familiarised and trained on the operation of different weapon systems quickly and efficiently.

BT46 Main Battle Tank Crew Trainer: With over 7,000 systems sold globally, Saab’s BT46 Main Battle Tank Crew Trainer is a world class preci¬sion gunnery and ‘Force on Force’ combat training capability. It takes the crew as close to live firing as they can get where units and crews are forced to train as they fight. The BT 46 Laser Simulator can be used for all types of direct firing weapons, from shoulder-fired anti-armour guns to MBTs. The system uses the principle of two-way, class 1 eye-safe laser, simulation and requires the target to be equipped with reflectors. The simulation is performed in real time with a very high degree of precision and realism. Laser pulses emitted from the firing system are reflected back from the target. This indicates the precise range to the target to be determined and used in the complex ballistics calculation that assesses whether a hit has been achieved.

Immediate feedback from each firing is provided through a realistic tracer burst on target simulation in the gunner and commanders’ sights, as well as sound cues over the intercom system and a flashing light on the target. The target computer combines information about its vulnerability with data received from the firing system to determine whether it has been hit and, if so, what damage has been caused.

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