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This is the right time to come with a message that there is a new type of warfare

President and CEO, Rafael, V Adm. Y. Yaari (retd)

President and CEO, Rafael, V Adm. Y. Yaari (retd)What exactly is the response that you have received for Iron Dome in the Indian market?
The Indian armed forces had expressed their interest in various aspects as to how this system can be deployed in India. Indian subcontinent is definitely a bigger landscape, but because of the capabilities of this system there are different ways one can deploy Iron Dome and make use of its unique capabilities.

Is there any specific requirement that the Indian Air Force has asked if there is any discussion on the Iron Dome?
I cannot speak for the Indian Air Force and am certainly not going to reveal what their requirements are. But by and large, I think they are interested in the total ability - the range and the capabilities of this system.

How is DRDO responding to Iron Dome?
DRDO is interested in integrating and developing such type of solutions for India. Currently, we are still talking with DRDO and exploring if there are any opportunities which are of mutual interest. Right now there isn’t any particular agreement on a project, but we are looking at the areas where we can cooperate.

How hopeful are you about Iron Dome entering into service with the Indian forces?
I think it will. I don’t know when, but the fact that this is the first operating system with proven capabilities and more than scalable potential, is such that anybody will be inclined to acquire it.

Why did you decide to showcase the complete portfolio of aerial systems and solutions at the Aero India?
The general reason is to bring the experience Israel has in blasting number of rockets to defend its air space. We decided to showcase the entire portfolio now because I think it is relevant to India at this point of time just as it is relevant to a lot of other countries. This is the right time to come with a message that there is a new type of warfare and we also have new type of capabilities to address them.

There are also a lot of open programmes and competitions such as QRSAM, SRSAM, MRSAM and so on and we would want to showcase all our products that fit into those competitions. Real addition at this year’s show is the Iron Dome. It has received a very good response from Indian armed forces and it would be a mistake not to showcase this product. This will be the second time we are exhibiting Iron Dome in the international events. It was showcased for the first time in Paris Air Show. And opportunities for this are much higher in Aero India as compared to that of the Paris Air Show.

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