'For M-RZR, we don’t have any restrictions from the US forces. We can go ahead and supply them directly to the Indian forces. In the case of Dagor, we have clearance for demonstration'
Managing Director, Polaris India Pvt Ltd, Pankaj Dubey

Polaris How was your experience at DefExpo?
This has been the third DefExpo that we have participated, and it has been very fruitful. The reason I feel so is because it was very intense, and the people who came there were the people who really mattered. Defence minister coming to the stall and spending 10 minutes, is something I haven’t seen in the previous defence expos. The minister has even driven down on our vehicle. We have been very fortunate because we could meet some of the key army officials including procurement officers and Special Forces officers who were there along with defence minister.

We have specially imported one of our most advanced defence vehicle which is called Dagor (Deployable Advance Ground Off-Road) which was displayed for the first time and we also displayed our Military Razor (M-RZR). RZR is very popular vehicle for operations off-road with high speed. We displayed both these models for the very first time in India.

Both these vehicles — Dagor and M-RZR — are specific to military use? Are there civilian versions of these vehicles?
Dagor is 100 per cent only for defence whereas M-RZR is the militarised version of the normal Razor which is very popular in adventure sports.

Were you able to do any demonstrations in Goa with these two vehicles?
We have made some contacts and planned some demonstrations based on our interactions. Subsequent to the DefExpo, we have couple of more very interesting meetings with the senior officers.

What kind of interest did the Indian Army show in these two vehicles?
We had interaction with very senior army officials in the last six to eight months, from much before the DefExpo where we had shared videos of the product. We didn’t have the product in India at that point of time but the interest level from them is very high. And that is the reason we have imported the product and displayed at DefExpo. The technology for Dagor is highly controlled by the US forces. We had to take permissions from the US government to showcase it in exhibitions. We have informed them that there is an interest from India, and took permissions to display the product here and they had readily accepted because there is a good relation between the two countries.

There is already high interest in the M-RZR vehicle from the Indian market. We will be focussing on that model for India and we would like to give demonstrations to the forces. And based on the interest levels and the orders that we receive, we will see how soon we can provide them and also how well we do the service and after-sale support to these forces.

If Indian Army picks Dagor or M-RZR for its special missions, what kind of licenses and other approvals do you have to take from the US government to sell that product here in India?
For M-RZR, we don’t have any restrictions from the US forces. We can go ahead and supply them directly to the Indian forces. In the case of Dagor, we have clearance for demonstration and we just need to inform the US government if the orders come in from Indian forces.

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