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Some Infrastructure for CBRN is in Place in India, but we can Bring in an Enhanced Nation-Wide Monitoring System

Marketing Director, Saab India Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Peter Erlingborn

Marketing Director, Saab India Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Peter ErlingbornYour focus on the Indian CBRN market seems new. What prompted you to start the campaign for such products at this point of time?
These are not new products. We have sold the systems and products related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) to other countries. The ‘entry’ into India with these products is new as we intend to expand the range of products we are offering to the Indian market.

What is your strategy to enter into the Indian market with your CBRN products?
It is kind of two-fold. We have a system and we have standard products. For the standard products, the strategy is to find a distributor in India who could act on behalf of Saab for these products. However, for the system we think we should keep that within Saab for one or two years until we try and find a distributor.

The system sale is something different from the product sales. For the system sales, we are trying to focus not only on the military market but also the civilian sector. The CBRN concept is such - it is about protecting people, and has a requirement not only in the industries, but also with the armed forces.

You said you are planning to find a distributor in India. What kind of Indian companies are you planning to focus on for such a task?
It is a bit of a difficult task to find the right partner. But mainly we are looking for someone who understands CBRN. The company should also have a good network with both the military and the paramilitary forces.

Are there any military or civilian programmes that you are currently part of? Which among those will be your priority?
We haven’t yet prioritised any particular programme as of now. We see opportunities both in the civil sector and the defence market. The programmes, however, would depend on the requirement for the system or the standard products.

Some of our products can very well be used in the hospitals, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), different parts of the army, it can be used in the paramilitary forces, fire brigades, police force. We have decided to try and see what a distributor can come up with. For the systems, our approach is a little bit different. There we would like to find a foothold somewhere and have discussions about the capabilities and functionalities that we can offer with our system.

How do you assess the Indian market for the CBRN? What new things are you going to bring in to this market?
In the civil sector, there must be some monitoring systems already in place to detect the nuclear plants. In case of accidents such as earthquakes, there must be some monitoring systems to detect the nuclear or radioactive disasters as well. Then there are nuclear stations and chemical industries along the border in the neighbouring countries that may not be built up in the system. That should also be monitored should there be some accident in the neighbouring countries.

What we are looking for is a nation-wide detection system. Some infrastructure for the CBRN is certainly in place in India, but I think that we can bring in an enhanced nation-wide monitoring system.

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