India Represents a Significant Market for Thales Where the Company Has Been Partnering With HAL for Over 50 Years in all Technological Areas That Can Be Used For Military Aircraft
Patrick Mallon, Chief Technologist and Senior Thales Expert – Missile Systems

Patrick Mallon Tell us a little about the latest technological advances in the Thales’ air defence inventory.
For more than 40 years, Thales has been developing, manufacturing and providing best-in-class air defence systems for customers worldwide. We have been working with our customers to address evolving threats through Thales Advanced air defence that ensures timely decision making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe. Thales Advanced air defence leverages all of the technologies, innovations, solutions, services and capabilities that have made us world leaders in the sector.

The latest Thales air defence fire control radar – Flycatcher Mk2 - is equipped with a sophisticated 4D multi-beam radar, which combines high detection probability with low false alarm rate. The coaxial construction of the surveillance and track radar is also used in the Flycatcher Mk2 since this is the best way to ensure a quick and unambiguous hand-over from surveillance to track radar. The Flycatcher Mk2 is capable to provide not only weapon control for air defence guns, but also target information for Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS). This new air defence fire control radar has co-located surveillance and track radar. This is by far the best way to prevent errors in target hand-over; it also minimises the number of radar locations required to protect the area.

Missiles and UAVs pose a significant threat to the military airspaces. What advanced air defence solutions do you have on offer, specifically for the Indian forces, to effectively counter these threats?
Thales’s smart guided ammunition can be deployed to counter threats of missiles and UAVs in the most optimal way. Our radars recognise the threat and effectively pass on the information to the missiles for further action. As part of its advanced air defence portfolio, the company provides Flycatcher, Pharos, STARStreak, RAPIDFire, among others to protect the military airspaces.

Please provide an update on your ongoing programmes with the Indian military forces?
Thales is recognised as a trustworthy partner across all three branches of the Indian armed forces: navy, air force and army. Its equipment and systems have been selected for various types of platforms.

Thales has signed contracts with the Indian ministry of defence (MoD) for Avionics and INGPS for military aircraft such as the Mirage 2000, MIG-21 and 27 and SU-30. It has been associated with Dassault Aviation for the upgrade of the Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 fleet. In addition to this, Thales already supplies the Indian armed forces with optronics, anti-submarine warfare sonar systems and mine-hunting solutions for the navy, and long-range surveillance radars, among others.

India represents a significant market for Thales where the company has been partnering with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for over 50 years in all technological areas that can be used for military aircrafts. Further, in line with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the company has set up successful JVs with Samtel, BEL and L&T Technology Services, in the fields of military avionics and airborne sensor systems, civilian and select ground-based military radars, and avionics software respectively.

What is the latest on the Thales’ radar technology? Have you made presentations on these radars to the Indian forces? How do they stand out in comparison to the existing products in the global market?
Thales has 300 air defence radars and delivered it to 26 countries. Thales has invested significantly in new radar technologies in recent years; developing innovative air defence radar systems that are capable of handling today’s and tomorrow’s threats. With a wealth of experience and hundreds of military systems installed worldwide, Thales and Thales Raytheon Systems offer customers the widest portfolio of surface radars, fulfilling all operational requirements, for system integrators and end-users.

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