It (IJT programme) is Already Eight Years Behind Schedule. We Are Hoping That IOC Will be Obtained by End of This Year as by 2015 Our Kiran Assets Will Start Dwindling
AOC-in-C, Training Command, Indian Air Force, Air Marshal Paramjit Singh Gill AVSM VM
Paramjit Singh Gill

What are your immediate areas of priority since you have taken over?
Overall, I envisage a design of training that focusses on being a thorough professional, inculcation of moral values, leadership qualities, sense of pride, mental and physical strength, a spirit of adventure and triumphant attitude apart from fostering espirit-de-corps, both within and outside the service. When I look at officers training related to aircrew, we are very lucky that the Pilatus PC-7 Mk-II has come in. Now the intention is to increase the exposure of the aircrew; we have increased the flying syllabus from 25 hours earlier to 55 hours. Along with these new machines we have simulators and have dovetailed the simulator sorties into the syllabus. So, the pupil has to perform in the simulator before getting into the cockpit, as a result we have a more capable aircrew entering the aircraft. As far as technical training is concerned, my thrust has been on simulators for technicians. Here we have a three-pronged approach, theory assisted by cut-away models, followed by virtual training and then progressing onto actual aircraft. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has gone for a major revamp of its training pattern and from last month onwards, training pattern of airmen has been revised to the Integrated Pattern of Training (IPT). We have also increased the duration of the course.

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