The IAF Harvard is nearly finished. We are carrying out engine runs. It should be flying in India by the end of the year
Chief Adviser, Indian Air Force, vintage flight, Mike Edwards MBE
IAF vintage flight

What has been the response within the IAF to have the Tiger Moth restored and what are the plans for this aircraft at present?
The IAF is very pleased with the Tiger Moth and has been very busy with it from the moment it arrived. The Air Force Day parade was a success, with the press stating it ‘stole the show’. After the Air Force Day, the Tiger Moth headed south to Bangalore for Aero India. It stopped several times on the way and attracted plenty of attention. It was particularly good at Jodhpur where the IAF station was the site of the original flying club and one of the first to exist in India. After Aero India, it flew back up north to take part in Operation Iron Fist, the firepower demonstration. It has truly been put to work! During the monsoon season it has had a quiet time but now it is ready to start again, beginning with Air Force Day parade followed by celebration of an anniversary of the IAF base at Ambala.

How many hours has aircraft flown and how is flight training and maintenance coming along?
The Tiger Moth has done more than 50 hours flying in less than a year. There has been some work done on the aircraft and there is still plenty to learn for the IAF technicians but they are moving forward. Wing Commander Kulshreshtha has done 55 hours on the Tiger Moth and will soon be training more IAF pilots to fly it. It is hoped a tail wheel training aircraft will be made available to the Vintage Aircraft Flight (VAF), so pilots can be selected for the skills on tail wheel aircraft, go on to accumulate experience and stay updated. The problem at present is that the Tiger Moth will have to be used and this will put unnecessary hours on the old girl.
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