'The Successful Completion of IACCS Project (Being Developed Completely By BEL) Will Enable the IAF To Have Real-Time Air-Situational Picture of the Whole Country’
Chairman & managing director, Bharat Electronics Limited, M. V. Gowtama

M. V. GowtamaWhat are the recent achievements of BEL?
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has successfully executed many notable orders for the Indian armed forces. These include Akash weapon systems for the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF), 3D tactical radar for the army, passive night vision devices, low level light weight radar for the air force, fire control systems for the navy, ship data network and new generation sonars for the navy.

Significant orders received by BEL in the recent past include Integrated Air Command Control System (IACCS), weapon locating radar, hand held thermal imager with laser range finder, ground based mobile ELINT, integrated communication system, sonars for submarines, electronic ammunition fuzes, armoured engineer reconnaissance vehicle and EW system for IAC.

What is the latest on the IACCS project for IAF?
The work is going on in a satisfactory manner and we will meet the expectations of our customer well in time. The successful completion of the project will enable the IAF to have real-time air-situational picture of the whole country. The entire software for this mega project is being developed completely in-house by BEL.

What role will BEL play in aircraft programmes like AMCA, Rafale and LCA?
With regard to Rafale, BEL is interacting with Dassault and Thales for manufacture and supply of electronic warfare suite and AESA radar under co-production agreements. For Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), BEL will be the production agency and development partner for EW suites, flight control systems, weapon control systems and cockpit modules. BEL will also play a role as agency for avionics integration of all the systems onboard the aircraft.

BEL has delivered radar warning receivers, flight control systems, weapon control systems and cockpit modules for the LCA Mk1 programme. BEL will support Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) for EW suites, flight control systems, weapon control systems, etc for the LCA Mk2 programme also.

Akash Weapon System
Akash missle system

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