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Futuristic Technology And MBDA are Inextricably Linked

Country Head, India, MBDA, Loic Piedevache

Loic Piedevache

With interests and potential programmes across the three services, what would be MBDA’s high point at Aero India?
We are currently discussing a number of solutions to different on-going Indian requirements spanning all three services. As you know, MBDA is the only company in the sector with a product range capable of fulfilling the needs of the air force, army and navy. This advantage will be clearly visible with the range of products we are displaying. As this is an air show, we will be stressing our ability to meet the multi-role needs of today’s modern combat aircraft. In this respect we will be showcasing weapons that provide not only the all-important air superiority but also the capabilities needed to carry out precision surface strikes against a range of static and fast moving targets.

At most international shows, MBDA showcases some futuristic technologies, concepts or systems. Will you be doing so at Aero India too?
You are referring to our Concept Visions project here. Each year, following discussions with end users, an analysis of technology trends and developments, our young engineers come up with a revolutionary concept with potential applications sometime in the next 20 years or so. The last concept, a weapon system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) known as Vigilus, was revealed a few months ago at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK. The Paris Airshow will be the venue for the latest concept which remains a highly guarded secret even within MBDA.
Looking beyond Concept Visions, it should be realised that MBDA and futuristic technologies go hand in hand. Our weapons continue to set a benchmark in terms of the technologies involved. This can be seen with the Dual Mode Brimstone Missile which has been such a talking point following operational successes in Afghanistan and Libya. The technology within the Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile (ASRAAM) saw MBDA being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Meteor’s ramjet motor, which controls the missile’s speed right throughout the flight profile to ensure that maximum energy is still available at the end-game, thereby rendering the target’s evasive manoeuvres futile, can be considered futuristic. Futuristic technology and MBDA are inextricably linked indeed as will be apparent at our stand.
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