The opportunities exist but they require a policy of teaming up with Indian companies, as it is our case with L&T in the LPD programme
General Manager, India Liaison José Luis Montes Martínez
General Manager, India Liaison José Luis Montes MartínezWhat is the progress on Navantia’s setting up of its office in India?
We are still in the process. The last of the documents required have recently been sent to the lawyer’s company who is working with Navantia. We hope to be registered in the first semester this year.

From your perspective, what are the long-term opportunities for you in India?
With the current long-term perspective plan, the opportunities are focused in the Landing Platform Dock (LPD), P-75 (I) and FSS programmes. We are also interested in participating in the KHP for TUCE with the shipyards Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) and Garden Reach, Kolkata. On the other hand, we are also designers and manufacturers of IPMS and CMS. We are very interested in promoting and introducing both systems in the Indian Navy (IN).

The LPD programme seems to have inched forward after IN issued a tender in December 2013 for domestic construction of four LPD ships. How does this programme look like now?
This is a very interesting programme for our company. As you may know, our company has recently built three LPDs, the flag ship of the Spanish Navy, Juan Carlos I and 2 vessels for the Australian Navy, Canberra and Adelaide. We are teaming up with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in this programme and it must be said that both companies are working under a very healthy understanding, to the point that we can assure that our respective teams perform as a single team. By the way, just a couple of weeks ago, the Turkish sub-secretary of defence industries announced that Navantia and our Turkish partner SEDEF are the winners of the tender to build one LPD and 4 LCM in Turkey for the TN. Contract negotiations will start shortly.

What do you think about the competition in this programme and what capabilities do you bring to the table?
Competition is quite strong. It will be necessary to work very hard with L&T to be awarded the contract. The project we are developing with L&T has as reference vessel Juan Carlos I. All missions and theatres of operation have been thoroughly verified and validated in our reference vessel, so we are in a position to offer to the IN a very well proven design with no technical risks
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