We’re delivering about 1 P-8 a month, which includes both P-8As to the US Navy and P-8Is to the Indian Navy
Program Manager, P-81, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Leland Wight
Leland Wight Please comment on integration of weapons and sensors - as the P-8I will become a potent platform only when these are operational. Has all user furnished equipment been integrated?
Prior to the first P-8I’s arrival in India earlier this year, Boeing completed the formal flight test programme, which included more than 175 test flights. That test programme included ‘stores’ tests, during which the P-8I carried and launched inert weapons to demonstrate the aircraft is capable of employing all the weapons the Indian Navy will use during missions. More recently in India, the first P-8I recently completed testing its weapons capabilities, including successfully firing a Boeing Harpoon missile at a target and dropping a torpedo.

All customer-directed Indigenous Equipment (IE) systems have been integrated using simulated software. Upon arrival in India, IE suppliers and customer loaded the final India-unique secure software and integration verification was completed. The first aircraft are in field trials with these systems in India now.

Has training of officers and crew been completed? What remains to be done in terms of training, maintenance and manuals?
Indian Navy representatives who will operate and maintain P-8I maritime patrol aircraft completed their training on schedule in Seattle earlier this year. Between February and September Boeing trained more than 110 people, including five pilot crews, five mission crews and a number of flight signalers/observers. Pilots, mission systems operators and maintainers received a combination of flight, classroom and lab training. All technical manuals were delivered prior to aircraft arrival.

Please comment on the items being sourced from India and their delivery.
Eight Indian suppliers have delivered aircraft units and operational spares for the P-8I on time and as per contract. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. (HAL) has manufactured P-8I weapons bay doors, tailcones and identification friend-or-foe transponders. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has delivered the Indian-designed Data Link II for the P-8I, a communications system that will enable exchange of tactical data and messages between the Indian navy aircraft, ships and shore establishments. BEL has also delivered the identification friend-or-foe interrogator, a battle management system that will enable P-8I aircraft to distinguish friendly aircraft and forces. Electronics Corporation of India (ECIL) provides the speech secrecy systems for the P-8I. In addition to defense public sector undertakings, private industry companies play a role in the P-8I. Dynamatic Technologies and Tata Advanced Materials Limited (TAML) have already delivered P-8I power and mission equipment cabinets, and TAML is on contract to provide P-8I auxiliary power unit door fairings. Avantel delivers the mobile satellite systems for the P-8I.

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