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Sweden and Saab Have a Proven Track Record of Being Open to Sharing Critical Technology. We Call it Transfer of Technology in its true sense
Country Head, Saab India, Lars Olof Lindgren

Lars Olof Lindgren What are the latest Defence offerings from Saab for the Indian market?
Our strong focus on developing systems at the cutting edge of technology is very evident in the systems we have on offer in India. We have offered our RBS 70 NG for the Indian tri-service VSHORAD programme. For the Indian Army’s SRSAM programme Saab has offered the BAMSE system including GIRAFFE AMB. Saab is already providing the Integrated Defence Aid Suite (IDAS) for the Advanced Light Helicopter. IDAS is a fully integrated multispectral warning and self-protection system for airborne platforms.

We have also offered the RBS 15 anti-ship missile to the Indian Navy. This can be launched from land, air and sea and can be suitably configured as a land attack cruise missile. In addition to the missile, Saab has also responded to the navy’s RFI for the mobile coastal missile systems with integrated C2 and RBS 15.

Saab has also been selected by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to deploy Advanced–Surface Movement Guidance & Control Systems (A-SMGCS) at five airports in India. The Saab A-SMGCS will enhance situational awareness and runway safety at these growing airports. This will take the number of airports secured by us to nine: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Guwahati, Jaipur and Lucknow.

Saab is teaming with an Indian partner, Pipavav, for the development of indigenous Combat Management Systems. Saab’s suite of AIS products are already in use in the National AIS network contracted by DG Lighthouses and Lightships.

What is the status of the VSHORAD tender for India?
Saab confirms its participation in all stages as required by the Indian Army of the Indian VSHORAD procurement programme. Due to the nature and confidentiality involved in such programmes, we do not have official feedback but are confident that our product would have impressed the Indian armed forces by its competitive performance. We believe that the Saab concept with RBS 70 NG and the HARD radar is the perfect solution for the Indian armed forces.

How does Saab intend to make use of the ‘Make in India’ effort?
At the core of India’s development premise today is the new government’s focus on ‘Make in India’. Make in India is a programme based on the realisation that rapid industrialisation is the only way for India to meet its great challenges including finding employment for the millions of people entering the labour market each year.

Make in India is also in line with the ambition to create an indigenous Indian defence industry of global scale. For us, India is more than a market. The focus is not simply on winning bids but on building business in partnership with reliable Indian partners across the entire hierarchy of manufacturers, all the way from sub-component suppliers to strategic partners.

Sweden and Saab have a proven track record of being open to sharing critical technology. We call it transfer of technology in its true sense. This includes training, transfer of know-how, capability development and development of supply chain for cutting edge technology systems. We are not talking about telling someone how to use a screwdriver; we are talking about sharing critical technology so India could be self-reliant and build a state of the art indigenous industry.

Saab is also a pioneer in the triple-helix concept, which involves close cooperation between academia, industry and public institutions to solve challenges through innovation. Tie-ups between Indian and Swedish universities, in conjunction with Saab and Indian industry, have the potential to dramatically improve education in aerospace and defence engineering in India, and also create thousands of high-tech jobs in manufacturing.

Saab is looking at the Indian industry as its potential partner in product development for the world market. We believe that the Indian industry has the necessary capability and can absorb the state of the art technology for manufacturing world class products.

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