'With a Wide Product Portfolio, the Power Systems Division Offers Immense Synergies for the Growing Indian Naval Market'
President, Rolls-Royce, India & South Asia, Kishore Jayaraman

Kishore Jayaraman Give us a brief update on your on-going defence programmes? Which among these will be top in your priority for 2016?
Rolls-Royce has been a partner with the Indian aerospace industry for over 80 years. India is a key growing market for us and we will continue to support our customers with a local presence directly and with suppliers. Over 750 Rolls-Royce engines are relied on by the Indian armed forces to power critical aircraft fleets, including Jaguar attack aircraft; the Hawk advanced jet trainer; the Sea Harrier fighter; the C-130 transport aircraft; the Embraer 145 VVIP aircraft and Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft; the Sea King Helicopter; and, the HS748 transport aircraft.

We are also hopeful that as the fleet of AE 2100s powered by C-130J builds in India it does offer some exciting opportunities for Rolls-Royce’s Services solutions. Similar fleets of engines in UK, US and Australia are supported by our services solutions which includes MissionCareTM.

There are other opportunities for further AE 2100 sales in India with the possible acquisition of both the C-27J and the Shinmaywa US-2 flying boat currently under consideration. We are proud to power the Shinmaywa US-2 and believe the aircraft can play an important role in India’s maritime security.

The Trent 700 offers real performance benefits for Airbus A330 aircraft. The French Air Force recently selected Trent 700 to power their MRTTs, joining the UK, Singapore and UAE. Trent 700 delivers unrivalled operational benefits in the ‘hot and high’ conditions that are part of normal operational requirements in India. It is the market leading engine for the A330 in both military and civilian roles with over 70 per cent in market share on orders in the last couple of years

In addition, we have a number of helicopter engines, including the Model 250 and CTS800. We are watching Indian requirements, including the reconnaissance and surveillance helicopter, carefully and are in discussions with our partners about how we may be best able to support them.

With India embarking on a path of strong economic and infrastructure growth, Rolls-Royce is uniquely position to be India’s partner — we are the only whole engine company to have transferred full capability outside of our home market (Germany and Singapore) and to have executed successful international combat engine programmes (EJ200 and RB199).

How do you plan to support government’s ‘Make in India’ programme?
Rolls-Royce has a long standing track record of investing in developing India’s aerospace capabilities. We have been manufacturing in India for nearly 60 years with HAL. The Adour Mk871 is made in India by HAL, with Rolls-Royce support, and is an excellent example of Rolls-Royce’s long-term commitment to developing the Indian aerospace industry and delivering Indian self-reliance.

With focus on modernisation of Indian armed forces, we remain committed to realising the country’s vision of indigenisation and self-reliance. We already have world-class manufacturing facility here, exporting components around the world. Our power systems division MTU established an Engineering and Research Centre (EARC) in Pune in 2011 to support new engine and component R&D activities as per requirement of the MTU Global Engineering Division. We are constantly expanding our service centre and support infrastructure with special tooling and trained manpower to overhaul all engine types; including the Series 8000 by 2017. Defence public sector undertaking (PSU) Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers is a long term licensee partner of MTU for the Series 4000 marine engines used in several Navy and Coast Guard Patrol Vessels. MTU is preparing to expand license cooperation to include other larger engines for navy frigates and power pack solutions for army light infantry vehicles.

We look forward to continued commitment towards the India region and work more closely with our stakeholders across businesses to enable them to benefit from our innovative products and technologies.

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