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We Think A400M’s Unique Capabilities Are Certainly Going to be Something That the IAF Will Want to Explore

Vice president, defence capability marketing, Airbus Military, Ian Elliott

Vice president, defence capability marketing, Airbus Military, Ian Elliott

What would be Airbus Military’s focus during Aero India 2013? What products will be at the show as part of flying and static displays?
Airbus Military is exhibiting at Aero India as part of the EADS presence and we will be working hard to continue responding to questions regarding the A330 MRTT as the financial negotiations advance, promoting the C295 as the Avro replacement and for other requirements when they emerge, and explaining the capabilities of the A400M for the longer term. In addition, we look forward to meeting our friends in the Indian industry as we continue to prepare to put in place the right relationships to fulfill our offset obligations. We won't have an aircraft at the show this time, but we expect later in the year to bring the C295 to India for demonstrations as part of the Avro replacement bid, and also for the A400M to visit when the time is right.

What is the importance of attending a show like Aero India 2013 for Airbus Military?
There are a lot of shows around the world of course, but India is a special market in the sense that not only is it commercially important, but it is culturally unique and a fairly complex place to do business. Airbus Military and our sister divisions in EADS, as well as EADS itself are naturally always very active in India. Nevertheless, we think it is essential to attend this show in order to meet a wide range of Indian interests who play a part in the nation's defence or who will do so in the future. So, we are delighted to be present and we expect a busy few days.
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