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The Combination of Co-Site Performance, Data Rate, Embedded High-Level Encryption and Full Networking Capability are Unique on the Market

Executive vice president, head of Radiocommunications Systems Division, Rohde & Schwarz, Herbert Rewitzer

Executive vice president, head of Radiocommunications Systems Division, Rohde & Schwarz, Herbert Rewitzer

What are the high points of the Rohde & Schwarz’s next generation software defined tactical radio (SDTR)? In terms of technology, how is it different from the earlier generation?
First of all, the R&S SDTR is a product that was developed and produced 100 per cent in Germany by Rohde & Schwarz (R&S). Because we were not restricted by a development contract, we were able to use the latest technology for developing this new product. Another highlight is the radio’s performance characteristics. The combination of co-site performance, data rate, embedded high-level encryption and full networking capability are unique on the market.

The benefit for customers is that our product enables network centric operations down to the tactical edge with a small form factor and low weight for a high-power vehicular radio.

The modular design makes it possible to set up scalable solutions from a single line up to a multi-line configuration with HF supported by our R&S M3TR and VHF/UHF with multiple R&S SDTRs.

In 2000 we were the first company to introduce a fully software defined radio with our R&S M3xR radio family for tactical, air-and-sea-based operations. This family was not SCA-based (Software Communications Architecture), but it did allow changing waveforms and supported joint operations between all military forces.

The R&S SDTR is based on SCA 2.2.2 with strict red-black separation. It features software loadable crypto and comes with a highly sophisticated waveform family. The radio’s main advantage is its open platform concept, which allows our customers to tailor the radios to meet individual national requirements without launching expensive and time-consuming development projects.
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